Ceramiche Keope: A Legacy of Excellence

Since its establishment in 1995, Italian brand Ceramiche Keope has been synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in porcelain stoneware floor and wall surfaces. Founded in Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia, the company has expanded its reach globally, distributing its products to over 80 countries and producing more than 5 million square meters annually. Ceramiche Keope’s success is rooted in its meticulous attention to detail, commitment to social responsibility, and profound respect for the environment.

Unveiling the Plate Collection: Urban-Inspired Elegance

Ceramiche Keope introduces its latest offering, the Plate collection, a series of porcelain metal-effect tiles inspired by the vibrancy of urban landscapes and the raw industrial aesthetics they embody. Plate represents a departure from the brand’s conventional tile collections, boasting a bold fusion of oxidation, chrome, and radiant surfaces that exude modern luxury and sophistication.

Captivating Design Elements

The Plate collection features a unified graphic motif presented in eight refined and vibrant colors, each meticulously crafted to encapsulate the beauty of metal. Moreover, From the sleek sophistication of Silver to the opulent exclusivity of Brass, each color variant offers a distinct aesthetic appeal suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial spaces.

Aesthetic Identity and Decorative Slabs

At the heart of the collection are three large Luxury decorative slabs dedicated exclusively to wall coverings. These slabs feature striking color overlays and contrasting textures that add depth and movement to interior surfaces. Thus, elevating the aesthetic identity of any space.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Ceramiche Keope’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout its manufacturing process. From strict adherence to regulations ensuring emissions purification and waste recycling to the use of renewable resources and cogeneration plants to minimize energy consumption. The company prioritizes environmental responsibility. Additionally, Ceramiche Keope actively recycles and repurposes a significant portion of its production waste, further reducing its environmental footprint.

Conclusion: Redefining Contemporary Interiors

With its unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative design, and steadfast commitment to sustainability, Ceramiche Keope’s Plate collection redefines contemporary interiors. While paying homage to the raw industrial landscapes that inspired its creation. Moreover, As a testament to Italian excellence, the Plate collection exemplifies the brand’s dedication to quality, aesthetics, and environmental stewardship.


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