Designing for the ‘NoWhere’ People

because the world is slowly reopening, easing lockdown measures, most are adapting to the ‘new normal’, as we now call it. The pandemic has imposed major changes to our work and lifestyles, altering our views and priorities. While we cannot foresee the longer term , we will definitely say that the modifications caused thanks to this pandemic are here to remain for extended .

This is a involve interventions to style liveable spaces that are adaptable, resilient, and innovative.

On a micro level, deliver a design that conforms to the thought of a sustainable shelter unit. The competition also pushes forth the thought to explore community spaces within clusters of shelter units on a macro level – schools, training units, social affair spaces, or the other program that seems to suit with the planning idea to form the lives of the residents significantly better.

Whether you select to figure on a bottom-up or a top-down approach for the workflow on the location , you’ll prefer to explore the planning process on the Autodesk BIM Platform – Revit and Autodesk tools like Formit, Insight, Dynamo, et al. within the development and representation of the planning proposal.

The Site

the location for the planning are often a maximum of three ha in area. the location can have already got a built mass thereon and therefore the intervention are often worked round the existing structures. Alternatively, a site that’s allotted for housing/development also can be chosen. The by-laws and NBC guidelines should be applied accordingly. The scope and scale of the proposal i.e. No. of Workers/Families, No. of Dwelling Units, Clusters, Common spaces got to be identified and defined.


hospitable all undergraduate and postgraduate students of Architecture and style across the country. (Anyone who may be a student of Architecture and style at the time of registration is additionally eligible to participate, including graduates of 2020.) The competition is hospitable engineering students, provided the opposite member of the team of two is an architecture/design student.

Team Composition

A maximum of two members per team is permissible.

The members of the team can belong to an equivalent or different academic years, colleges and courses of undergraduate or postgraduate disciplines that broadly fall into the category of Architecture and style .

Submission Requirements

  • A statement defining the problem, context and the choice of site in one A4 sheet as a pdf.
  • 5-7 Graphical Slides in 16:9 ratio, with the design process and the drawings (plans, elevations, sections and views) in a suitable graphical scale.
  • Acknowledgement of references used for case studies and design ideas that have been adapted from sources. All entries shall be scrutinized for evidence of plagiarism.

The submissions need to clearly document the design process. You may choose to develop drawings/ graphics using Autodesk Revit and auxiliary Autodesk BIM tools. The sheets may include plans, sections, elevations, 3D views, joinery details, Dynamo scripts, and anything else that would help communicate the idea better.

Submission code and BIM 360 drive link for uploading the entry will be communicated to the participants after registration for the competition closes.



  • Cash Prizes for the top three winners:
    1st: Rs 75,000/-  ; 2nd: Rs. 50,000/-  ; 3rd: Rs. 25,000/-
  • Top 10 entries to be published as a Book/Journal.
  • Top 10 winners will get free entry to BIM for Design Implementation Program for Architects worth Rs 50,000/-
  • All participants who have submitted the entries will get a discount voucher of 40% on the BIM for Design Course.
  • Placement Assistance for participants.
  • E – Certificates for all attendees of the workshop.
  • E – Certificates for all participants who have submitted competition entries.

We had a talk by Moshe Safdie as part of the competition, where he discussed his take on shelter and habitat design, in conversation with Ar Ashish Ganju. To view the talk, click on this link:

In Search of Habitat

For regular updates on webinars and workshops, register for the competition today!



Competition Brief

FAQ Documents

Letter of Declaration

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