Local architecture studio DF Arquitectos has crafted an expansive clubhouse for the Pumas football team, nestled in the shadow of a rocky cliff in Mexico City. The Casa Club Pumas, which opened in 2023, serves the Pumas First Division team at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. This initiative, owned by the university, is designed to provide exercise and soccer training for young players, addressing high rates of crime among children in the area.

Integrating into the Natural Landscape

The clubhouse is a testament to DF Arquitectos’ commitment to integrating architecture with the natural landscape. The 3,700-square metre (39,825-square foot) complex is composed of two trapezoidal buildings arranged perpendicularly to each other, nestled against a quarried land formation. The design gives the impression that a single large, linear building has fractured and bent towards the rock, embracing the natural curvature of the cliff.

Material Choice and Aesthetic

Nearly 75 percent of the four-storey facade is clad in xitle, a volcanic stone quarried from the excavation site itself. This choice of material not only allows the building to blend seamlessly with its surroundings but also imbues it with a sense of solidity and permanence. The use of local volcanic stone ensures the clubhouse fits naturally into the rugged landscape, creating a harmonious relationship between the built environment and the natural terrain.

Functional and Aesthetic Design Elements

The ground floor of the clubhouse, almost entirely enclosed in stone, houses public spaces including a library, lounges, a cafeteria, kitchen, laundry area, and parking. A glazed corridor runs along the back of these public areas, opening them to a terraced private garden situated between the building and the rock face. This design creates a juxtaposition between the solid, protective exterior and the open, light-filled interior spaces.

Moving upwards, the triangular staircases—acting as skylit atriums—lead to the second and third levels, which contain 44 dorm-style rooms with individual bathrooms. These rooms can accommodate about 110 users in various sleeping arrangements. The upper levels are shaded by a lattice of vertical precast concrete fins that simulate the movement of natural rock walls, providing both shade and a sense of dynamism.

Recreational Spaces with Panoramic Views

The top level of each building is predominantly glazed, dedicated to recreation and entertainment areas. These spaces feature terraces that offer expansive views of the surrounding complex, allowing users to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The contrast between the rough, volcanic stone exterior and the warm, daylight-filled interiors, accented with natural wood elements, creates a welcoming and serene environment.

Community Impact and Future Prospects

Casa Club Pumas is more than just a sports facility; it is a socio-cultural space aimed at supporting the physical and mental health of young soccer players. The clubhouse addresses the needs of a growing population of young athletes who require specific infrastructure to thrive in a sports club setting. The facility is envisioned as a nurturing ground for youth, seamlessly integrating into its immediate context while providing essential services and amenities.


DF Arquitectos’ design for Casa Club Pumas demonstrates a masterful integration of architecture with the natural environment. By utilizing local volcanic stone and incorporating design elements that echo the surrounding landscape, the clubhouse achieves a harmonious balance between built and natural forms. This project not only provides a functional and aesthetically pleasing space for the Pumas football team but also contributes to the community by promoting physical and mental well-being among young athletes. As part of the broader efforts to address social issues through thoughtful design, Casa Club Pumas stands as a beacon of innovation and community support in Mexico City.

Photography: Jaime Navarro


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