StudioPepe unveils vibrant tiles inspired by the sea

StudioPepe unveils vibrant tiles inspired by the sea StudioPepe يكشف النقاب عن بلاط نابض بالحياة مستوحى من البحر

StudioPepe unveils vibrant tiles inspired by the sea

Portuguese brand Theia has created four tile collections in collaboration with Studiopepe, inspired by the motion of the sea and its waves.

With a broader meaning associated with the theme of travel and exploration, the formal investigation culminates with four models. Mar di Giava, Mar di Flores, Mar di Kara, and Mar di Banda.

The tiles, which are named after and inspired by the seas of the world, feature exuberant curves and pastel colors that work together to create soft silhouettes.

Additionally, the result is a set of four tiles. Each with a surface that interacts differently with the light that hits them. The studio has opted for eco-friendly materials that align with its earthy inspirations.

All four tiles are crafted out of earthenware, which is pressed, fired, and painted. Using ancient techniques that result in a truly unique product.

Furthermore, named after the Flores sea of Indonesia, the Mar Di Flores tile features a wave-shaped surface that creates these concave vertical grooves.

The Mar Di Banda tile, uses a smooth curve sloping upwards just to add a touch of playfulness.

Meanwhile, the Mar Di Giava and the Mar Di Kara are variations of each other. Comprising long convex singular tiles that can be mixed and matched to create a jigsaw-like wall feature.

A colorful celebration of the history of tiles

This partnership stands in true commemoration of the history of ceramics and tiles that dates back to the 15th century in Portugal.

Moreover, it speaks to both brands’ colorful approaches to design. As seen through the curated color palettes which are a testament to Theia’s meticulous process.

Check out the smooth matte tones, deep opaque colors, luxurious metallic shades, and romantic hues, which are also very much in Studiopepe wheelhouse.


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