The concept of Home means something different round the world. In some places, it is a n apartment during a tall tower and in others it’s a stucco building by alittle road. Whichever option describes your life best, a home should be a dignified place that gives for your needs and supports your future.

The question becomes, why do so few homes do this? Especially in developing communities round the world. How can design be a light-weight for a far better life?

At DesignClass we are hooked in to exploring how design can have a positive impact on people’s lives. we do not believe a home has got to be fancy or grand but it does need to be safe, uplifting, and purposeful.

This is your challenge, design a sustainable and dignified home for families in developing communities round the world.

The home should utilize local materials, adapt to the local environment, be sized appropriately for families during this community, and will feature an economic space where the family can run alittle store or business.

We see this competition as a chance to expand your frame of mind and study how people during a different context can live, work, and flourish. Your home could also be any size and made from any materials. All we ask is that you simply make your best plan to understand the context of the community.

Design Guidelines

1.Choose a community that you simply want to style a home for. we propose watching areas near you with severe economic development needs that would enjoy intentional design-thinking.
2. Study how people sleep in this community and the way your home could uplift their lives.
3. Design a home that matches within the context, provides space for the family to measure , and features a dedicated economic space where the family can operate alittle store or business.


Submission deadline: June 7, 2021 (11:59 PM PST)
Voting Opens: June 9, 2021
Voting Closes: June 28, 2021
Winners announced: June 30, 2021

Visit our website for the full brief and resources.


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