Submission: July 26, 2021
Registration: July 26, 2021
Language: Italian, English, Espaniol
Location: Dublin, Irland
Prizes: 500 euros for each participants
Type: Open


Dublin features a centuries-old history often interwoven with myths and legends and which testifies to its certain origin round the third century AD. In medieval times the town experienced impressive fortifications that the Anglo-Norman conquerors erected to curb the influence of Irish natives; imposing religious buildings were built like the church of Christ and therefore the Cathedral of San Patrizio.

These monuments began to consolidate, over the centuries, the spread of a Georgian style, a fusion of Gothic, Rococo of English origin and Italian-style Palladianism. Exposed bricks are the fabric that characterizes local buildings, a component of recognition that also shines through walking through the streets of the town .

A language with which the Irland Cultural Center will need to dialogue to create a contemporaneity that knows the way to give value to history. Conferences rooms, workshop spaces, and areas for debates will host meetings in continuity with the cultural influences promoted by writers and artists of the past. an area which will represent the Dublin of the 21st century in continuity with its own tradition.


One A0 panel and therefore the project report no later than the date of 01st of September 2021 (deadline 23:59 Dublin timetable). The works could be send digital format to the mail:


The announcement of the winners will happen on the association’s portal no later than 01st of September 2021. the primary three works are going to be worthy also as the other projects that merit mentions aren’t excluded.

# The prize is of 500,00 euros (exluding VAT) for every participants.

# The winners and therefore the aforementioned are guaranteed lifetime participation altogether our future competitions and can be present on our portal.

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