Expiration dates are replaced by a tactile mimica touch interface


With Mimica Touch, a bio-reactive food label, Lithuanian entrepreneur Solveiga Pakstaite developed a solution to confusing expiration dates.

Nearly 13 million people in 53 countries experienced severe hunger in 2018. However, about one-third of the food produced worldwide ends up in waste, illustrating the continuing worrisome rates of the food crisis. One of the main causes of food waste is label confusion between “use by date” and “best before.” As a result, 1.3 billion tons of perfectly edible food are thrown away annually by homes and businesses. With a gelatin basis that degrades at the same rate as food, Mimica Touch tests the degree of food decomposition.

One of the most precise ways to assess food conditions is the invention.

The use of Mimica Touch on food packaging would help reduce the waste of edible food by clearing up any uncertainty regarding the state of the food and the written expiry date.

Replaces expiring dates

The label serves as a tactile warning: if the food feels firm and smooth, it is safe to eat; however, if the food feels soft and bumpy, it is rotten because the gelatin melts and degrades along with the food, revealing the bumpy surface.

There are four levels in the Mimica Touch label. A one-way membrane plastic film serves as the label’s base. A plastic sheet with ridges that make it easier for bumps to indicate spoiled food is on the bottom layer.

Finally, the complete device has a plastic sheet sealing once the gelatin integrated over the textured sheet.

Solveiga Pakstaite came up with the idea for the Mimica Touch while researching a way to make it easier for those who are blind to check the expiration date on packaged goods during her time in college.

Moreover, she used the same “technique” to plastic after the inspiration of how the texture and color of a ripe banana change.

In addition to receiving a lot of praise, Mimica Touch won the Rabobank FoodBytes People’s Choice Award.

Mimica Touch is patented and is anticipated to make its market debut in late 2019 for a cent. The business also has intentions to develop a label using sustainable materials that is vegan.

By expanding the idea to other goods like medications, it seeks to establish itself as a universal symbol of freshness.


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