For its animal displays, Circus Roncalli prefers holograms to live animals

Circus Roncalli سيرك رونكالي

Germany-based Circus Roncalli has marked the beginning of a cruelty-free era for circus shows. Realistic holographic projected animals walk in front of the audience, animated by computer software, alleviating the suffering of the animals while bringing joy to the audience.

Beautiful childhood memories have always been in the circus. Animals danced to the beat, performing acrobatic maneuvers, and jumping into the flaming hoop. It was amazing when we were kids, but as we became older; we realized how much suffering and suffering animals went through to get ready for and participate in live performances.

Bernhard Paul, Circus Roncalli’s director: “I’d the urge to present animals in the circus in a lyrical and contemporary manner. I love the holographic method and got into it when Justin Timberlake perform with the Prince during the Super Bowl.

Moreover, with 11 Optoma ZU850 projectors, long-range lasers, and lenses, the circus layout is strategically constructed to deliver an amazing spectacle. For flawless render and illumination of the hologram, high contrast projectors are in the setup.

The audience is in a new perspective on circus culture and a curiosity about how digital technology further incorporates into traditional entertainment sectors after this immersive altered-reality experience.


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