Fitt has launched Fitt Future Headquarters 5 months ago, a competition for new headquarters design, in collaboration with Yac (Young Architects Competitions)

The architects who participated in the Fitt Future Headquarters contest had the opportunity to understand, interpret and represent Fitt through their vision of the future workspace: a place where leadership, progress and corporate identity are materialized in architectural forms capable of becoming an international reference in the field of design for work.

The new spaces will host Fitt’s community to develop insights and research, to surprise and inspire, to reflect, deepen and cultivate ideas in the name of well-being, sustainability and innovation.

All the proposals that has been submitted to the competition were judged by an international jury composed of Alessandro Adamo, Hasan Çalışlar, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Adun Opdal, Carlo Ratti, Nicola Scaranaro, Patrik Schumacher and of course Fitt’s Ceo, Alessandro Mezzalira.

“We are proud to have launched this initiative of international scope in collaboration with Yac, to give voice to young people, their ideas and desires – says Alessandro Mezzalira -. The current pandemic and modern technologies are revolutionizing the way of working, which is no longer linked to a physical place, but to the ability of a space, even virtual, to instill ideas, inspire creativity and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. I want to thank in advance all the designers who were involved. And I look forward to witness your future projects.”






Sergey Korobkov, Dmitriy Shklyaruk, Evgeniy Korobskoy, Andrey Tsyplakov, Aleksey Cherednikov



Varabyeu partners


Mihail Sobolkov, Ihar Shamanouski, Siarhei Yasiuk, Mark Kamsin, Viktoryia Vetashkina



Buffo Ercoli


Ruggero Buffo, Danilo Ercoli

Ibrahim Joharji Studio, INJ.

And in this particular competition, among the most prominent candidates, Ibrahim Joharji Studio, INJ, made its mark. They presented an unparalleled architectural philosophy that seeks to preserve the harmony between human beings and their environment. Through our vision of design, we can observe the aesthetics of the buildings, bearing a mixture between organic and parametric architecture. It is like the buildings are merging with nature.

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