Foodorama – A Forum of Food and Culture

Foodorama - A Forum of Food and Culture

Architecture Competition: Foodorama – A Forum of Food and Culture

A melting pot of food cultures can be created, where the spatial design is able to represent each culture respectfully while enabling human engagement across intangible cultural barriers.

Brief: The challenge is to design a forum for food and culture that will bring forward diverse palettes condensed into a single built structure.

The forum will act as a center for food and culture-related activities. It will be able to host food-related events and exhibitions. The participants are free to choose 5-6 cuisines that are highlighted in the structure. Every cuisine will have a separate wing dedicated to the respective origin culture.

The aim is to showcase varied palettes of food and culture, the commonality that is expressed through a shared interest in food can aim to bring people together. Social interaction must be facilitated in the experiential layout of the center, with directed access and navigation. The structure will become a landmark for food collaborations.

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