Foster + Partners Unveils Spiraling Office Tower Design for Hollywood

Foster + Partners, the renowned UK architecture studio, has revealed renderings of an innovative office tower set to grace Hollywood’s skyline. The proposed building features a distinctive spiral design with terraces cascading around its exterior, promising a blend of creativity, sustainability, and functionality.

Design Concept

The 22-storey office tower, located on Sunset Boulevard, boasts a circular form adorned with jutting floorplates enveloped in white cladding. Each level is encased in a glass curtain wall, offering panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles.

Spiraling Terraces

A striking feature of the design is the series of spiraling terraces that wrap around the building’s facade. Covered in lush greenery, these terraces provide ample outdoor space for seating and relaxation, seamlessly integrating nature into the urban environment.

Sustainable Features

According to Foster + Partners, the terraces serve multiple purposes beyond aesthetics. They offer natural light and ventilation, fostering a healthy and productive work environment. The design prioritizes community, wellbeing, and collaboration, reflecting the evolving needs of modern workplaces.

Curving terraces

Ground-Level Engagement

At street level, the building is designed to engage with the surrounding urban context. It features an expansive LED video screen, restaurants, community spaces, a theatre, and a gallery, creating a vibrant hub of activity.

Project Details and Timeline

The project, developed by The Star LLC, aims to attract Hollywood’s top content creators with its innovative design and amenities. Pending approval, construction is slated to begin in 2026, with completion expected by 2029.


Foster + Partners’ proposed office tower represents a bold vision for the future of workplace design in Hollywood. With its spiraling terraces, sustainable features, and ground-level engagement, the building promises to be a dynamic addition to the city’s skyline, embodying the spirit of creativity and innovation for which Hollywood is renowned.

Curving terraces


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