Foster + Partners: residential skyscrapers overlooking Dubai bay


Dubai’s skyline is set to be graced by the Vela and Vela Viento residential skyscrapers, a visionary project by developer Omniyat and designed by the esteemed Foster + Partners. These sister projects in the Marasi Bay development aim to redefine ultra-luxury living, offering a harmonious blend of architectural excellence and opulent interiors envisioned by Parisian designers Gilles and Boissier.

Architectural Marvels

Foster + Partners’ design embraces the waterfront location, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows enveloped by terraces that provide breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai. The Vela Viento skyscraper, standing tall at 180 meters, comprises two separate towers connected by dining rooms suspended in mid-air – a testament to architectural innovation and luxury living.

Skybridge Dining Rooms

A distinctive feature of Vela Viento is the inclusion of skybridge dining rooms in three duplex apartments. These hanging dining spaces create a visual spectacle, bridging the gap between the two towers and offering residents a unique and luxurious dining experience with unparalleled views of the surroundings.

Terraced Opulence

Both Vela and Vela Viento boast terraces with rounded corners that wrap around the buildings, providing residents with private outdoor spaces to relish the Dubai skyline. Vela Viento’s design, enhances viewing angles for all apartments and allows the skyscraper to reach greater heights. Therefore, ensuring unobstructed panoramic views.

Luxury Facilities

The skyscrapers offer an array of luxury amenities, including infinity pools, gyms, yoga studios, sun decks, and communal lounges. Moreover, indoor swimming pools, wellness spas, and meeting rooms. The podium level serves as a hub for residents to indulge in a range of recreational and wellness activities. Thus, creating a community-centric living experience.

Architectural Materials and Innovations

Foster + Partners incorporates glass fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC) for the skyscraper’s mouldings, providing a lightweight alternative to traditional concrete. The emphasis on horizontal elements and full-height glazing reflects a commitment to both aesthetics and thermal performance, ensuring a harmonious balance between form and function.

A Waterfront Oasis

The Vela and Vela Viento skyscrapers contribute to the Marasi Bay development, connecting with a hotel named The Lana through a waterfront promenade. This integration creates a cohesive architectural ensemble, further enhancing the bayfront experience for residents and visitors alike.


Vela and Vela Viento represent more than residential skyscrapers; they embody a vision of elevated living, where architectural prowess meets luxurious comfort. Foster + Partners’ design, coupled with Omniyat’s commitment to reimagining luxury, sets these skyscrapers apart as iconic symbols of Dubai’s ever-evolving skyline. As the city continues to reach new heights, Vela and Vela Viento stand as beacons of sophistication, offering a lifestyle that transcends conventional notions of opulence.


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