Frank Gehry the pioneering architect with a unique style of architecture

Frank Gehry the pioneering architect with a unique style of architecture,

People always turn to anything out of the ordinary,

and the designs of famous architect Frank Gehry are proof of that.

Where his designs were unique and strange in their design,

Despite their surprise, his designs undoubtedly won the approval of those who see them,

despite the criticism of some of his designs.

Who is Frank Gehry?

Frank Gehry is an American-Canadian architect, born in Canada in 1929.

He relied in his designs on the strangeness that mimics the nature of the place around him,

and thus many countries wish to contract with him to create a masterpiece of his masterpieces.

Although he is in his 91st year,

he is still interested in his business and projects and has not thought of retiring and leaving what he loves.

Frank Gehry the pioneering architect with a unique style of architecture

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim museum is one of the most famous designed by Frank Gehry.

It was established in 1997 in Bilbao, in the Basque Country, Spain.

The design of the museum was a ship with glass facades filled with curves that reflected light,

These curves make the viewer feel the nature of the Basque Country, which is full of hills and waterfalls.

Classified as a “Masterpiece of the Twentieth Century,” a famous architecture critic told the New York Times of Frank Gehry and his designs,

“Frank Gehry’s buildings are a great example of basic geometry,

From an aesthetic point of view, it is considered one of the best and most profound architectural works of the present era.

The Guggenheim Museum has become one of the distinctive landmarks of the city of Bilbao and Spain in general,

because its unique design makes those who see it amazed by the splendor of its modern design that tries to reflect the nature around it.

Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles

One of the most prominent landmarks of the American city of Los Angeles is the Walt Disney Music Hall,

a concert hall that was established on an area of ​​​​18,000 square meters,

And its design resembles huge steamships, the Walt Disney Hall was built in downtown Los Angeles,

It consists of a concert hall surrounded by large gardens that can be entered through the hall or through the side streets.

Frank Gehry the pioneering architect with a unique style of architecture

Walt Disney Hall has a cultural and historical reputation, because it is associated with the name Walt Disney,

the designer of famous Disney characters, and because it was designed by Frank Gehry.

Since Los Angeles is one of the most famous tourist cities in America, this gave the hall more fame, which made the eyes of those around it pay tribute to its unique location and design.

Frank Gehry the pioneering architect with a unique style of architecture

Fear of criticism

Every day Frank Gehry opens a business, Frank Gehry always feels like he wants to hide under the covers because he’s afraid of people’s opinion and criticism.

Despite his unusual and daring designs, he still fears criticism.

He works in a manner he calls insecure;

He designs and builds the facility and is not sure if it will be good or bad.

Unlike most people, they feel proud on days like these.

But it’s possible that Frank Gehry’s fear is that his designs have always been criticized for not understanding what he means;

Since many believe that they are designs that have no apparent meaning and that they are absurd,

but the opinions of architectural critics were to the contrary;

They were able to understand what Frank Gehry was suggesting in his designs and felt the meaning sent by them.

Although Frank Gehry’s designs and works have received criticism,

they will remain one of the most famous and most important symbols in contemporary history, such as,

Big Man in New York, New World Center in Miami, Dancing House in the Czech Republic, Vienna Design Museum, Germany.

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