The GEA launched a new identity

The Saudi Entertainment Authority (GEA) has unveiled a brand new visual identity, which is the third symbol created since its debut. The updated logo includes the GEA acronym written out in English and comes in a distinct purple hue, with the three letters sitting atop a decorated base.

The Authority has achieved remarkable success with its various architectural projects in Saudi Arabia, both in the present and recent past. It has played a significant role in developing temporary and recreational architecture in the region. This, along with various other initiatives, has incited healthy tourism in Saudi Arabia, a type of tourism that does not only cater to religious getaways.

The Saudi Entertainment Authority (GEA) has undeniably made a great impact on the development of Saudi Arabia both aesthetically and recreationally, with the unveiling of their updated logo providing a fresh sign of progress and promise. The GEA’s efforts in creating innovative forms of entertainment and recreational activities have created a strong foothold for tourism in the region. This new logo symbolizes the Authority’s intentions of further improving Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry in the coming years, and cementing its position on the international stage.


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