Culture Window – Cultural center at an airport

Culture Window - Cultural center at an airport | نافذة ثقافية - مركز ثقافي في المطار

Architecture Competition: Culture Window – Cultural center at an airport

The story of any culture cannot be surmised in its entirety in any form. But a synecdoche of sorts can be created to give a glimpse of the highlights of the history that makes its journey unique.

Brief – The challenge of the competition is to design a cultural center on airport grounds that offers a brief look into the various sociocultural aspects of the city. 

To attract visitors while representing the context appropriately, the form needs to go hand in hand with the local elements used in the design. The site is on airport grounds, so the facility must be independent and cause no obstruction to function around it. Crowd management and safety measures are to be employed in access layout.

The facility’s aim is to focus on providing global travelers an experience of the local culture and diversity of the region. The spatial organization must navigate the visitor through a narrative of the local history. Every aspect of design, the ambiance, material palette, and form, can be used to depict local culture.

Registration Deadline:  Monday, Nov 29, 2021
Submission Deadline: Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021

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