House Music — Architecture on Record Sleeves

House Music بيت الموسيقى

We were really envious when we learned that our friends from Rotterdam, OMI, had organized an exhibition of House Music — Architecture on Record Sleeves showcasing architectural designs. We couldn’t help but notice that The Architect by Jane Weaver, whose sleeve was created by Andy Votel, was one among the sleeves that served as inspiration for the exhibition.

Therefore, Andy was the obvious person to ask when we wanted to create our own version of the exhibition. In addition to being a designer, he also owns a record label, performs as a DJ, produces music, works as a painter, and, most significantly for our purposes, is an avid collector of strange and rare recordings.

Although he deviated a little from the directive to “keep it modernist,” he nevertheless gathered an intriguing collection of record sleeves that would intrigue both music and architectural aficionados.

Additionally, a 64-page catalog (as well as an exhibition poster) is available, which includes many more sleeves than we were able to display at the gallery.

House Music — Architecture on Record Sleeves

inside The Modernist

Manchester M1 2EQ, 58 Port Street

Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm


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