ScaLIurbani Mediterranean Connections

ScaLIurbani Mediterranean Connections اتصالات ScaLIurbani البحر الأبيض المتوسط

ScaLIurbani Mediterranean Connections

Following the great success of the first three editions from 2019 to 2021, the idea of a fourth ScaLIurbani 2022 event confirms the annual frequency of this important cultural event. The theme chosen for next year is Mediterranean Connections or the Connections created by the Mediterranean and, with them, ties, relationships, Architectures, and stories related to it; a theme that has as its objective the involvement of the countries bordering our sea through their projects and achievements as well as with the free interpretation of the relationship between the sea and its borders; the relationship between Architecture, City, Territory, and Culture of the various countries, therefore, becomes a trait union between the various places in the Mediterranean basin.
The Mediterranean is a bridge between East and West, between South and North; a basin that is not only a geographical place but also a changing collective imagination that contributes to influencing the perception of space in the various countries bordering it. Architecture becomes that element and that bond we share through the diversity of places in the Mediterranean which are sometimes similar or close. While others, on the other hand, as aliens and strangers due to social, cultural, and economic differences.
The event, of international scope, aims to be (as in previous editions) an opportunity to return to express, through Architecture, the strong desire for the quality of the space in which we live, wealth to be protected, to be renewed, and created.


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