Humble Architecture: Everest Challenge

Humble Architecture: Everest Challenge

Architecture Competition: Humble Architecture: Everest Challenge

The worldwide environment emergency has featured the effect of development and engineering on the climate, and the significance of humble yet smart plans that would work on the existences of clients and approach their environmental elements with deference.
Nonetheless, a culture of inner self driven design is rapidly turning into an issue in our calling. An engineer’s craving to be seen uniquely for marvelous and self important exteriors, regularly ignoring the genuine, stowed away plan difficulties, isn’t what the world requirements at this moment.
In this manner, Bee Breeders has dispatched its Humble Architecture contest series. Every thoughts rivalry in the series is set in an alternate world-popular area and tries to take care of an issue general to every one of them – restrooms. Latrine configuration isn’t generally something that would be included in the front pages of your portfolio, nonetheless, we accept these difficulties can be substantially more complicated than they initially show up, and addressing them can be out of the blue fulfilling.

Humble Architecture: Everest Challenge

The world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, has for some time been a well known traveler objective, yet the natural effect of adventurers not having a spot to mitigate themselves is causing a genuine issue. Human waste particles can pollute the snow, and surprisingly become airborne and cause sickness in different voyagers and local people. Also the upsetting truth that pretty much every progression you take will make them step in feces.
Along these lines, travelers are not generally considered affectionately by nearby networks, and the harm brought about by the travel industry could wind up nullifying its financial advantages, particularly in weak regions.
For the Humble Architecture: Everest Challenge, members are entrusted with planning reasonable latrine offices on Mount Everest that flawlessly mix into the climate. There are hardly any, latrine offices on Everest past Base Camp, and along these lines members can decide to utilize this competition as an instrument to scrutinize existing offices or to plan totally new ones.


3 winning proposals, 2 special award recipients and 6 honourable mentions will be selected. Bee Breeders will award a total of 6,000 € in prize money to competition winners as follows:

1st Prize – 3,000 €
2nd Prize – 1,500 €
3rd Prize – 500 €

+ 6 honourable mentions

ARCHHIVE Student Award – 500 € + 50 € gift card at ARCHHIVE BOOKS
Bee Breeders Green Award – 500 €


Advance Registration: JULY 16 – SEPTEMBER 20
Last Minute Registration: SEPTEMBER 21 – NOVEMBER 15

Final registration deadline: NOVEMBER 15, 2021
Closing date for submission: DECEMBER 17, 2021 (11:59 p.m. GMT)
Announcement of the winners: MARCH 1, 2022



Diego Baraona, DBAA
Martin Beverfjord, Rever & Drage
Greg Corso, SPORTS Collaborative
Gonçalo Marrote, Madeiguincho
Rok Oman, OFIS architects
Stephen Pimbley, SPARK Architects
Angelo Renna, Angelo Renna
Erik Sommerfeld, Colorado Building Workshop

Mount Everest, has long been a popular tourist destination, but the environmental impact of trekkers not having a place to relieve themselves is causing a real problem.

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