Ikea and the Bauhaus

Ikea and the Bauhaus,

After founding the Bauhaus School and displaying its refined and simple art,

many home furniture and products companies were simply affected by the artistic school’s work and followed its simple style in its products and works.

Ikea was one of the largest furniture manufacturers influenced by the Bauhaus in its international designs.Ikea and the Bauhaus


Ikea Company is one of the international companies specialized in the manufacture of furniture and home fittings,

It was established in Sweden in 1943 and then began to expand until it reached Saudi Arabia,

where a branch was opened in Jeddah and Riyadh in the form of small exhibitions until it became one of the largest exhibitions in Saudi Arabia.

Ikea played a major role in establishing homes for Syrian refugees, which are mobile homes that can be collected without the use of any equipment.

It is the first company to manufacture these homes in solidarity with the problems of Syrian refugees on the borders with Iraq and Lebanon.

Ikea is ranked as one of the largest companies that use wood in the world,

ranking third with 1% and is considered the least tax-paying company as it is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world.

After conducting statistics in 2012, the IKEA company was classified as one of the largest stores visited this year,

with a number of visitors amounting to approximately 960 million people,

which is almost equivalent to the population of Europe, and thus its place has been proven IKEA company around the world.

The IKEA company is distinguished by naming its products instead of numbering them,

as there are approximately 9500 items of home furniture in its catalog, which distinguishes them from others.

It reduces the prices of its products by at least 3%, with the best wood and products,

and it is one of the reasons that it is globally and quickly becoming what it is now.


Ikea and the Bauhaus


The Bauhaus School was established in 1919 in Weimar, Germany and moved to Dessau,

and then to Berlin until it was closed by Hitler who issued a decision to close it after it became one of the most influential schools in the foundation industry,

and its founder Walter Gropius was forced to migrate in search of a place to open it again, initially It was not a company,

but rather an art school that merged crafts and arts, or what was called plastic arts.

It is distinguished by its simple art, craftsmanship and reliance on the primary colors (red-blue-yellow).

After the Berlin Art School is closed, what remains of it is the Bauhaus Museum,

in which the remaining works and art of the four stages that the school has gone through are displayed.

New York took charge of the Bauhaus School again and was the main reason for establishing the MoMA Museum of Modern Art in New York,

which is considered one of the most important and largest museums in contemporary art.

Many furniture designers were influenced by the art of the Bauhaus School,

where the combination of craftsmanship and professionalism was simple and beautiful,

and it greatly affected the furniture designers and their international products.

Ikea was influenced by the Bauhaus School

The idea of ​​the school was launched to be used in many household designs and furniture.

A huge change has occurred in the furniture and designs industry.

IKEA was the largest user of the Bauhaus School’s art in their designs.

It was influenced by its art and used its simplicity and not being based on excessive decoration.

The reason for the emergence of IKEA products is its distinct Simplicity and beauty,

unlike other companies, was influenced by the art of the Bauhaus School which was revived in more than 29 cities by its artists before it was stopped in Berlin.

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