Il Chilometro Verde

Il Chilometro Verde

Architecture Competition: Il Chilometro Verde

The “Green Kilometer” is an infrastructure developed on a surface of 3,3 Km wich fragmenting the territory of the municipality of Segrate . The aim of this Competition of Ideas is to improve the urban fabric through the stitching of fragments of the territory and inserting new social and public functions.

Students are required to rethink this space by helping to reduce some of the critical issues in this area. The aim is therefore to transform this infrastructure into a place of identity and aggregation for the inhabitants and a positive polarity for a wider territory, with the aim of widening the basin of “typical users” and, consequently, increase the level of usability. The stitching plays a fundamental role for the entire territory and for the entire process of urban regeneration in progress, not only in terms of endowments, but also as a point of encounter and openness to the city. No specific functions are included in this area, provided that all spaces remain accessible to the entire community.

It is to point out that, in this perspective, the redevelopment of the Via Cassanese becomes the occasion for a redesign of the entire area on which the infrastructure currently insists, which in turn will be the connective tissue of the entire context and will constitute a new important urban polarity, a place of social garrison and a fundamental node in the network of pedestrian and cycling routes crossing and connecting the various districts of the city.


Relevant documents are available for free, unlimited, and direct access at the registration link:


21 March 2022


There is no associated application fee


  1. Illustrative and technical report (15 page maximum cover included) in A3 format (PDF)
  2. Two panels (60 mb max each) in A1 format (PDF)
  1. The first-place winner will be awarded an App Store gift card worth euro 3,200.00
  2. The second-place winner will be awarded an App Store gift card worth euro 1,200.00
  3. The third-place winner will be awarded an App Store gift card worth euro 1,200.00

The first classified group will have the possibility to work, for the duration of the project, with the municipality and the design studio that will win the design contest.

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