Sense of Surface, a 3D-printed installation by design company Raw Edges that examined the interaction between light and textured surfaces, was on display at trade fair IMM Cologne.

Sense of Surface was made out of four 3D-printed “volumetric spheres” that were intended to look as though they were floating freely in the room and a semi-transparent printed curtain.

“The installation is a captivating exploration of the interplay between light and textured surfaces, created specifically for IMM Cologne 2024,” stated Raw Edges.

The 3D structures of the installation were suspended from above and were made by fused layers of polymer power using a Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printer.

According to Raw Edges co-founder, when the parts were printed, they were assembled on-site into three-dimensional volumetric shapes “almost like a tailor’s work”.

The installation explored the idea of turning a flat surface into a “complex and three-dimensional body” in response to the 2024 subject of The Sensuality of Surfaces at IMM Cologne.

“For a long time we have been fascinated by the relationship between 2D graphic patterns and three-dimensional forms,” Alkalay stated.

“It can be seen in our wood-dyed Endgrain collection, where we turn flat graphic surfaces into three-dimensional objects and enjoy the distortions and how they affect each other.”

The space’s lighting was adjusted, changing the way the three-dimensional structures looked.

“We started to play with the idea of see-through surfaces, patterned structures and transparency and to see how light can interact with it,” Raw Edges stated.

“We were interested in exploring how three-dimensional structures can feel transparent in a space when there is no light, but become more diffused and opaque when illuminated.”

A curtain made of Apollo, a semi-transparent fabric developed by German textile company Rökona, was placed next to the sculptures.

The pigment ink created by printing company Kornit was used to 3D print the pattern onto the fabric.

“The result is a see-through printed surface that beckons visitors to step into the installation, creating an immersive and interactive experience,” Raw-Edges said.

Sense of Surface was created by Raw Edges in an attempt to provide a peaceful space for guests to enjoy during the trade fair.

“It is an immersive installation that was there to let visitors take a break from the busy fair and to step into a different environment that allows you quietly to focus on the way light can interact with the surfaces,” explained Raw Edges.

Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay founded Raw Edges in 2007 with the goal of repurposing commonplace items into imaginative and whimsical furniture, product, interior, and installation ideas.


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