Interactive Glass Recycling Bin boosts sustainable living

Interactive Glass Recycling Bin boosts sustainable living صندوق إعادة تدوير الزجاج التفاعلي يعزز الحياة المستدامة

Meet Jack Lee and Trinna Wu’s Glass Recycling Bin, which is both practical and attractive.

A unique “Interactive Glass Recycling Bin” by Taiwanese designers Jack Lee and Trinna Wu with the goal of raising recycling rates for bottles and creating an endless circulation of glass.

Inspiring involvement, according to Lee & Wu, this environmentally friendly design functions as a public educational installation that “can be set up anywhere so that the glass bottles can be quickly collected from the source of waste itself.”

Utilizing the distinctive reflection and texture of glass promotes interaction between people and recycling.

This product’s white finish, rounded corners, and minimalistic modern design make it simple to build and move.

Its overall mobility and stability are further enhanced by the bottom-mounted wheels with brakes.

Come spread the word about sustainable living with this engaging product.

Interactive Glass Recycling Bin boosts sustainable living

With the use of a counterweight mechanism, the door plate’s door plate can be naturally forced open by the weight of the bottle and automatically closed when not in use to prevent odor escape.

The construction has 2 mm iron plates, which the designers used to keep it lightweight. They also used hollow steel tubes, thin steel bars, and metal punching plates, which helped down the cost of production.

In addition, the 5 mm recycled and removable textured glass sheets and light produce an intriguing artistic image.

To increase collection efficiency, the lowest track uses a non-porous iron plate with a channel that directs any remaining bottle liquid in the top layer to the water box at the bottom.

What’s best? It has ingenious solar panels on the top that capture sunlight and generate ambient lighting for six to eight hours.

Lee and Wu continue, “It also features a foldable top panel design that functions as a standup table for commercial environments.”

Interactive Glass Recycling Bin boosts sustainable living


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