International Design Competition for Pedestrianizing Jamsu Bridge مسابقة التصميم الدولية لجسر جامسو للمشاة

Call for Entries: International Design Competition for Pedestrianizing Jamsu Bridge

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is thrilled to announce the launch of an international design competition aimed at discovering innovative designs and ideas from experts across various fields.
The competition’s goal is to create the first-ever pedestrian bridge on the Han River, specifically transforming the Jamsu submersible bridge beneath Banpo Bridge.
This visionary project aims to establish a new civic leisure and cultural space, offering citizens an unprecedented experience of the iconic Han River.


Jamsu Bridge, being the shortest and lowest bridge across the Han River, boasts excellent accessibility on foot. Its advantageous features, such as a roof and shade, are shared with Banpo Bridge. Furthermore, its proximity to the surface offers vast potential for transforming it into a distinctive civic leisure and cultural space.
Participants are encouraged to propose innovative designs and utilization plans for Jamsu Bridge, considering the hydrological and ecological characteristics of the Han River, the bridge’s structural and functional aspects, and the new leisure space it will provide for citizens. Additionally, participants are urged to suggest ways to connect the surrounding area with the water space.


– Domestic and foreign experts in relevant fields such as urban planning, architecture, landscape design, cultural development, and structural engineering are eligible to participate (up to 3 people in case of joint application)


– Location: Jamsu Bridge area, 115-5 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu ~ 287-3 Seobinggo-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

– Use: Pedestrian bridge (L=795m, B=18m)

– Design Cost: To be finalized after the design competition


– Registration: 7. 7(Fri)~8.29(Tue)

– Inquiries: 7.17(Mon)~21(Fri)

– Response: 7.28(Fri)

– Submission: 8.29(Tue)~30(Wed)

– Assessment: 9.12(Tue)

– Announcement: 9.13(Wed)

Submission Documents

– 2 Digital Panels (JPG, maximum size of 25~30MB per file)

– Moreover, Representative images, site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, perspectives, conceptual drawings, other related images, design concepts, etc.

– Design Description (PDF, A4, maximum of 20 sheets)

– Other forms and required documents


– The list of juries will be announced on the competition website on August 30, 2023.


– Each of the 8 winners will receive a reward of KRW 100,000,000.


Lastly, for more information: Competition website:


Finally, Read more on Archup:

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