LAYER has made a voice aide with a glad (or pitiful) character

Capsula Small is LAYER’s endeavor to make computerized voice associates that are expressive and coldhearted, expressive and more human-like.

Innovation keeps on advancing, however voice associates and computerized buddies like Siri, Alexa, Google feel cold and, incidentally, harsh. To battle this, inventive plan studio LAYER, established in 2015 by modern fashioner Benjamin Huber. It has made a voice partner equipped for communicating misery and satisfaction.

What is LAYER?

LAYER, called the Capsula Small, accomplished this by exemplifying the gadget – a modern method of clarifying how human attributes are. As though the state of a doughnut wasn’t sufficient to cause him to feel adorable and charming; a seven-portion screen illuminates to address two eyes and a nose that can impart a scope of feelings. Additionally including bliss, shock, interest, and bitterness.

The studio works across technique, identifier, CMF, UI/UX, designing, and specialized course; which make an amiable clever partner for Mail, Russia’s biggest Web organization. The organization routinely works together with driving brands including Nike, Samsung, Bang, Olufsen, and Google.

What does LAYER do?

The Capsula Small scale’s amicable and restricted visual language intends to make it available and draw in for clients. Everything being equal, from little youngsters to seniors with fluctuating degrees of specialized ability. The need to integrate a simple-to-use Drove display and a physical touch interface lead to the model. 

“This sort of agreeable association was significant because the Capsula Smaller than normal should have been inviting and drawing in for everybody from children to grown-ups,” the studio clarifies. “By making a person with whom clients can make companions and impart, the super-advanced gadget becomes both alluring and simple to utilize.”


The texture-covered shape hides the Drove show, with the volume and power buttons situated on top. In the interim, the Drove strip under the interface board gives clear data concerning the situation with the keen partner; showing listening mode, quiet, startup, and volume changes utilizing various degrees of brilliance and shading.

With regards to materials and parts, LAYER has likewise centered around lessening parts and diminishing your bill of materials (BOM). Working corresponding to these objectives was the longing to amplify the affectability of the visual language; making it high apparent worth as far as style.

The brilliant right hand utilizes reasonable yet durable materials, like plastic and materials, which have been raised through outrageous tender loving care and finish. Plastic, for instance, has been changed to convey a positive material encounter by utilizing an in-shape surface to give a smooth completion.

LAYER has additionally centered around shading coordinating to plastic completions and acoustic materials to outwardly work on the plain language and lift its appearance. The savvy collaborator is accessible in two tones – dim dark and charcoal – however, the organization says it will deliver more later on.

While playing music, another objective was acceptable sound quality. Regardless of its little size, the planning group accomplished this with a full-range motor with an aluminum reflector and acoustic chamber.

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