Grow plants with the Beko Max self-watering grower

Pico Max is an almost completely computerized indoor plant pot for developing blossoms, spices, succulents, and more.

Why was it designed?

You might recollect last year’s Pico, a self-watering plant that brought more than $1.5 million up in crowdfunding for its unbelievably minimal plan. Sufficiently little to fit in the refrigerator like a magnet and furnished with its self-watering framework; the palm-sized grower made the possibility of developing indoor plants and spices less troublesome. Presently, the fashioners behind Pico are back again with Pico Max to assist them with viewing thoughtfully cultivating more. As the name proposes, the Pico Max is the brand’s subsequent delivery; enhancing the first Pico model with a three times bigger gadget. To keep up with additional development, it likewise accompanies a further developed self-watering framework. Thus, it guarantees plants have the measure of water they need – no more, no less.

How does it work?

Plants utilize slim movement to carry water to the roots and stem for the remainder of the plant. Beko Max exploits this regular peculiarity by utilizing a slim water system that impeccably manages the water between the water bowl and the dirt. Your plants get water as they need, and feed themselves when you witness them sprouting. You should simply re-energize the equilibrium at regular intervals.

The main thing that hasn’t changed is the Pico Max’s off-kilter plan; it’s somewhat similar to a manure container blended in with an old woofer from the ’90s. The gadget is fiber plastic in three tones – coral white, stone blue, and ocean green. The reconsidered configuration has another inherent spout for filling a lot bigger tank and a straightforward window that tells you when it’s an ideal opportunity to top off, ordinarily one time each week. To feed the plant and guarantee ideal development, Pico Max additionally includes four vents situated over the water level to bring oxygen straightforwardly to the roots.


Pico Max permits clients to develop plants anyplace they like, throughout the entire year. It floods its plants with all required frequencies of light on account of elite execution multi-range LEDs. Mounted on an effectively movable adjustable arm, these incredible Drove lights can uphold a wide assortment of plants and each shading frequency animates a particular organic capacity in plants. The business’ first closeness sensor-based programmed darkening capacity, to shield plants from leaf consumption or overexposure.

In contrast to most indoor cultivating machines, you don’t have to associate with the Pico Max. The discretionary 10,000mAh battery-powered battery conveys power for as long as four days. On the other hand, two USB-C ports – one at each end – make it conceivable to chain a progression of ranches along with just one associated with a power source. If space’s restricted, Pico accompanies potential place choices. For instance, a multipurpose metal section that can be joined to most dividers, glass and mirror surfaces; You can connect it attractively to your fridge entryway or you can just place it on a counter.


Established side-effect engineer Arun Raj, Mumbai-based US startup Enverde Altifarm is the organization behind Pico Max. Beginning around 2017, the organization has been creating items that empower individuals to grow an assortment of spices, vegetables, leafy foods.

The backing is as of now up on Kickstarter, with promises to a solitary rancher beginning at $69, and numerous mounting choices for the Pico Max and a discretionary battery allow clients to fabricate an indoor nursery how they need. The grower accompanies a discretionary arrangement of across-the-board microgreens containing seeds, supplements, and developing medium. Simply place the seeds in the developing medium, add water to the tank, and the plant will start to grow within seven days.

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