Lexus Design Award 2022

Lexus Design Award 2022

Architecture Competition: Lexus Design Award 2022

Lexus Design Award calls upon young creative talent around the world to “Design for a Better Tomorrow”. Since 2013, this international design competition has provided the chance of a lifetime for up-and-coming designers to win the prestigious award for innovative design excellence. Finalists will be funded to build their prototypes with world-class mentors, and reach unparalleled exposure to the global design community and media.

Guiding Principles

Imagine a world where design creates an enriched sense of happiness for all.

Start by thoughtfully considering people in diverse circumstances. Then, anticipating global challenges facing future society, engage in innovative ways which contribute to a sustainable future, yet seamlessly enhance the happiness of everyone.

When imaginative and captivating designs intersect with thoughtful solutions, that lead to a brighter future for all, design truly makes for a brighter future for people and society.

Please join us in Designing for a Better Tomorrow.

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