Material Matters marks the debut of Isola at LDF 2023

Isola makes its debut appearance at the London Design Festival 2023

Between September 20th and 23rd, 2023, Isola, the digital and physical design platform, will unite its global community of international designers, design studios, manufacturers, and creators in the UK, within the Material Matters exhibition

As an integral component of the London Design Festival 2023, the Material Matters fair is set to take place at the iconic Bargehouse, a five-story structure located at Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s Southbank.

This prestigious venue will host Isola’s exhibition titled “Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens” on one of its floors. Material Matters represents a cross-media platform specifically tailored for designers, architects, manufacturers, and creators, delving into the significance of material intelligence and how materials will shape our lives in the forthcoming decades.

Anett Papp_Naturing ©Ludman_Dániel _ Isola at London Design Festival 2023 _ Material Matters
Anett Papp, Naturing ©Ludman Dániel | London Design Festival, Material Matters

The primary criteria for embracing a conscious circular design approach, aligned with Isola’s theme for this year, “Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens,” revolve around utilizing regenerative resources, minimizing carbon dioxide emissions, and repurposing waste materials.

At Isola, we have had our aim set on participating in the London Design Festival for a while. Our vision for an international network of design professionals that gather around the world, exchange ideas, and create a real community, is becoming a reality. Our global stage is expanding even more, and this debut in London will open the doors for new and exciting opportunities”, says Gabriele Cavallaro, co-founder and CEO of Isola Design Group.

Yuhan Bai_Hushellaste - biomaterial 3d printed ©Arthur Wang _ Isola at London Design Festival 2023 _ Material Matters
Yuhan Bai, Hushellaste, biomaterial 3d printed – ©Arthur Wang | London Design Festival, Material Matters

Isola is set to make its presence felt in London for the 2023 event, alongside a lineup of international partners. Collaborating with Isola’s creative director, Elif Resitoglu, design studio IAMMI will take charge of the exhibition design. Additionally, in partnership with the Italian startup ReMat, which specializes in polyurethane waste recycling, they will be responsible for setting up the exhibition space.

Titled “The Soft City,” this concept places a strong emphasis on creating urban environments that are human-centric, comfortable, and inviting. It does so by challenging conventional notions of rigid structures and instead incorporates the use of soft materials.

Cowboy, Cruiser e-bike – ©Cowboy | London Design Festival, Material Matters

Central to the exhibition’s core lies a visionary approach to urban design, ingeniously commissioned to the IAMMI studio by The Good Plastic Company, a European-based manufacturer and key sponsor of the event.

This innovative concept reimagines a cityscape dominated by a striking blue hue. Symbolizing a horizon that harmoniously unites various city elements, effectively serving as a central gathering point. The bar and lounge area within this setup will undoubtedly captivate visitors with its circular stools reminiscent of towers and spires. Seating arrangements and coffee tables resembling miniature buildings, all featuring a distinctive blue bar.

Federico Fiermonte_Spira lamp ©CamillaPizzini _ Isola at London Design Festival 2023 _ Material Matters
Fiermonte, Spira lamp – ©CamillaPizzini | London Design Festival, Material Matters

What makes this installation even more remarkable is that it is constructed using Polygood® panels, exclusively distributed by CDUK. It not only showcases a visually stunning concept but also repurposes an impressive 1,503 kg of plastic across 45 panels. Importantly, every panel used in this installation is not only 100% recycled but also entirely recyclable.

These fruitful collaborations, generously supported by Isola’s sponsors, ensure that the Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens exhibition in London, Eindhoven, and Dubai will be incredibly eco-friendly, with minimal waste generated. This achievement is made possible through the use of sustainable materials that can be reused in each event’s setup.

MushLume, CupLight Pendant White – ©Danielle Trofe Design | London Design Festival / Material Matters

Lastly, in a partnership with 3DD Factory, Isola is set to unveil an augmented reality (AR) app that will replicate the showcased products in the exhibition. This app will provide users with access to comprehensive information about the items and offer special interactive content such as material details and designer interviews.

It will allow users to visualize these products in their own homes or offices. Therefore, adding an exciting dimension to the exhibition experience.

Rehrev Studio_Ornament collection (2) ©Rümeysa Memiş _ Isola at London Design Festival 2023 _ Material Matters
Rehrev Studio, Ornament collection – ©Rümeysa Memiş | London Design Festival / Material Matters

Among the participants are AbarStudio, Alara Sipahioğlu, Albore Design, Anett Papp, Bongkodpast Tantipisanu, Botanica Textiles, BYRON, and Carlotta Guccione. Moreover, Céverine Girard, Cowboy, Dane Wisnosky, DONÓ Design, Ekta Bagri, Federico Fiermonte, Gabrielė Daminaitytė, Jiayan Diao, Jihyun Kim, and KERAMIK. Additionally, Mapurnia, MushLume Lighting, Piece of Cake, Rehrev Studio, Retablo, Seungtae Jang, Shailesh Rajput Studio, Simon Frend, and Studio_ABL. Also, Studio Adarsh Nellore, The Recycle Studio, Ultramar Studio, Vaagn Mikaelyan Architects, Yasmine Mahmoudieh, Yuhan Bai, and Zeynep Boyan.

Moreover, Colab will share its wide and innovative archive with the British audience through a dedicated space within the show.


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