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MJ Park introduces Harmony, a smart guided electric scooter with a structure that addresses the current usability and safety issues.

Harmoniously blending human interactions and technology through design, Seoul-based industrial designer MJ Park presents Harmony. A smart guiding electric scooter that brilliantly solves the current safety and usability problems using its unique one-of-a-kind structure.

“Today, current e-scooters are often dangerous and problematic and Harmony provides a new form of solution helping users enjoy a smarter and safer riding experience,” says MJ Park.

A reimagined form that follows versatile functions – it features a minimalistic yet multipurpose structure.

This innovative extraordinary product further skillfully projects guiding lights on the road to help navigate and prevent accidents while riding.

“Inspired by the headlight technology in automotive design. Harmony can help guide micro-mobility users of dangerous situations and prevent road casualties by detecting objects from the camera and projecting warnings” Park adds.

It additionally folds and stands on its two legs – making portability and charging much more efficient.

“Harmony stands still with its rubber grip feet and it can also be effortlessly moved around with the front handle that is connected on the top and tilting the scooter will allow it to be wheeled around easily,” says Park.

With its features and a sleek and futuristic design – it aims to enhance. And seamlessly become a part of our daily city lifestyle.


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