Next Generation of Stroke Rehabilitation Centres

Next Generation of Stroke Rehabilitation Centres الجيل القادم من مراكز إعادة التأهيل بعد السكتة الدماغية

Next Generation of Stroke Rehabilitation Centres

Stroke survivors usually stay in rehab for a long time thus, the rehab has lots of potentials to improve stroke survivors’ recovery. The “Next Generation of Stroke Rehabilitation Centres” competition challenges students to design a rehabilitation center for 30 stroke survivors with new and ambitious ideas. This competition aims to optimize rehabilitation design based on research outcomes to meet stroke survivors’ needs better as they recover.

This student design competition has been launched and organized by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the UIA Public Health Group, with the collaboration of the NOVELL Redesign team. The competition is sponsored by UIA and the Australian Health Design Council.

The competition is open to full-time students worldwide; please check the competition brief for more details. The deadline for registration is on 15th March 2023, and the deadline for submission of entries is on 15th April 2023. Also, competitors are free to select a site that is appropriate for a stroke rehabilitation facility.


Prizes are as listed below. Also, the NOVELL Redesign team will invite the prize winners to become co-researchers at the NOVELL Redesign project.
1st prize: 5,000€+ a certificate
2nd prize: 3,000€ + a certificate
3rd prize: 2,000€ + a certificate
4th prize: 1,500€ + a certificate
5th prize: 1,000€ + a certificate
Honorable Mentions: a certificate


Also, the International jury panel for this competition is as follows.

  • John Cooper, Architect, UK, UIA Region I, Jury President
  • Fani Vavili-Tsinika, Professor Emeritus, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, UIA, Council member, UIA Representative, Greece, UIA Region II
  • Philip Patrick Sun, Architect, USA, UIA Region III
  • Jane Repin Carthey, Architect, Australia, UIA Region II
  • Innocent Okpanum, Architect, South Africa, UIA Region V

Alternate jurors:

  • Pei Ing Tan, UIA Secretary General, UIA Representative, Malaysia, UIA Region IV
  • Henning Lensch, Architect, Germany, Region I


Download the information related to this competition here.

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