Open Call: A Kiosk for the Future

Open Call: A Kiosk for the Future

Architecture Competition: Open Call: A Kiosk for the Future

The competition seeks answers to the question: what is the purpose of the modern kiosk, and how should it be designed as a modern architectural facility?

We are looking for innovative solutions. Can kiosk be more than just a small building, where newspapers, sweets and drinks are sold, often through an open window? And how can a kiosk of the future connect the digital and analogue worlds?

Newspapers come to life offline, and readers often come to cherish contact with vendors or even with each other. (Un)expected interactions always hide the potential of the added value. Kiosks are thus a part of the street furniture in the cities – and the common good. At Outsider, we believe that they are relevant again today. They just need to be rediscovered!

Download the information related to this competition here.

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