Parachute: a fascinating wall shelf

Parachute: a fascinating wall shelf المظلة: رف جداري رائع

The Parachute universal wall shelf, created by WD in Japan, ingeniously holds anything in place.

A revolutionary global wall shelf called “Parachute” by Japan-based WD ingeniously holds anything in place while brilliantly improving the world through design and linking it from a singular point of view while uncovering new values and expressions.

Funny enough, I had the concept for the Parachute wall shelf while listening to Coldplay’s debut album, “Parachutes.”

Its name is a combination of the Italian “parade” (to protect) and the French “chute” (to fall). According to Yusuke Watanabe, CEO and creator of WD, the design had inspiration from the way that clothes pegs keep items on a clothesline by clipping onto them.

From Parachutes by Coldplay to an intriguing wall shelf

Parachute: a fascinating wall shelf

When not in use, this minimalistic eclectic object readily resembles an abstract work of art thanks to the well-created sheet-metal stripes of vibrantly colored, almost wavy colors.

Its numerous pegs or planks hold objects firmly in place by softly “clipping” them to the wall.

When one of the pegs is tipped forward and used to hang goods like jackets, scarves, or even hats,. It looks like framed art and sits flat against the wall, unlike conventional shelves that protrude forward. Adds Watanabe.

Parachute: a fascinating wall shelf


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