POiD Building Awards 2021

POiD’s 2021

In February, the primary edition of the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards 2021, a contest for the joinery industry, was launched. The new initiative of the POiD Association is a stimulating sort of competition, a chance to present the offer among the simplest solutions on the market, but also a source of the latest ideas and inspiration for the industry.

The primary objective of the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards is to point out the sensible application of windows, doors, gates, facades, building automation, and smart home products. The presentation of interesting projects, during which these products play a crucial role, becomes a suggestion and inspiration for active or future architects or investors. Both manufacturers and suppliers of joinery components utilized in finished architectural structures are invited to participate in the competition Products from the subsequent categories are going to be submitted to the competition: windows, external doors, and gates, internal doors, facades, also as automation and smart home utilized in 4 sorts of facilities: in a private building, during a multi-apartment building, renovations and during a public building.

Both large corporations, also as medium and small enterprises, can compete for the Grand Prix of the POiD’s 2021 Building Awards 2021 competition. It’s important that they pride themselves on the standard of their products, which can be presented at their destinations – completed architectural objects. For more information, check the terms and regulations of the competition (https://buildingawards.poid.eu/en/index.php#zasady)

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