Transforming Recycled Phone Cases into Art Installations

Casetify, an electronics accessory brand, has launched a unique initiative as part of its 2024 Earth Month campaign, titled Journey to Re/Birth. This campaign aims to promote sustainability by repurposing discarded phone cases collected through the brand’s Re/Casetify upcycling program. In collaboration with local artists from five different countries, Casetify has transformed recycled phone cases into stunning art installations, fostering creativity and environmental consciousness simultaneously.

Innovative Art Installations Across the Globe
  1. Brooklyn, New York: Wade and Leta, a New York-based studio, crafted a set of table and stools using 12,000 recycled phone case pellets. The pieces feature vibrant colors and a unique texture, creating a visually striking addition to Brooklyn’s Devoción Cafe.
  2. Seoul, South Korea: Emerging artists Surin Kim, Dayoung Hwang, and Youngmin Kang presented an outdoor installation at the Seoul Arts Center’s Music Square. Their sculptures, inspired by traditional Korean elements and nature, captivated audiences with their creativity and environmental message.
  3. Bangkok, Thailand: Casetify collaborated with local organization Tlejourn Shoes Project to create shoe soles from recycled plastic pellets. Through this initiative, 500 pairs of sandals were produced, demonstrating the potential for sustainable fashion and community engagement.
  4. Sydney, Australia: Australian furniture design studio Eva repurposed old phone cases as the structural base for a Re/Treat Sofa at the Casetify Studio Store. This innovative approach showcases the versatility of recycled materials in furniture design.
Empowering Sustainability Through Community Engagement

Casetify’s upcycling program encourages customers to contribute to environmental conservation by donating their old smartphones and earbud cases. These discarded items are then processed into recycled plastic pellets, which are utilized by artists and designers to create new products and artworks. To date, over 84,000 kilograms of plastic have been recycled through this program, highlighting its significant impact on reducing plastic waste.

Conclusion: A Fusion of Art and Environmental Consciousness

Casetify’s Earth Month campaign exemplifies the power of creativity and collaboration in promoting sustainability. By repurposing discarded phone cases into captivating art installations, the brand not only raises awareness about environmental issues but also inspires positive action within communities worldwide. As Casetify continues its journey towards a more sustainable future, its innovative initiatives serve as a beacon of hope for a greener and more environmentally conscious world.

Photography: Casetify


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