Reimagine Drawing Challenge

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Reimagine Drawing Challenge,

Mental Canvas Inc.’s platform brings back the Specializing in software technology,

drawing envisions the digital age by enabling innovations

that can be experienced beyond the confines of a page or a single moment in time.

Mental Canvas goes where pen and paper has left,

and takes drawing to a place like never before.

The company is inviting creators to join the challenge to redefine the meaning of drawing,

and awards of up to $100,000 will be awarded to 18 winners.

The company is looking for the most impressive and creative scenes created with Mental Canvas Draw ™.

The challenge started since last July 14 and will continue until October 11, 2021,

and small challenges will be held for cash prizes throughout the duration of the competition.

Registration is open, and by registering you will be able to access application instructions.

Challenge Categories:

The challenge includes five categories: Architecture, Places, Education,

Comics, Tissue Drawings and Storytelling.

Participants can apply in multiple categories, provided that the jury reserves the right to assign a category to participate.

The grand prizes will be chosen from the entire pool of entries,

without regard to the category.


The total prize pool is $100,000 (US$), distributed among 18 winners.

Prizes are distributed as follows:

Grand Prize (across all submissions, regardless of category):

First:  25,000 USD

Second: 15,000 USD

Third:  10,000 USD

Category winners (in each of the five categories):

1st: $5,000 (x 5 winners)

2nd: $3,000 (x 5 winners)

3rd: $2000 (x 5 winners)


The competition is international, the age to enter the competition starts from 13 years and above.

Sponsors and Partners:

Contest sponsored by Mental Canvas.

In partnership with:

Microsoft Surface, Andrews McMeel Universal, and Go Comics! and Complex Networks, Havas Health+, Hearst, Perkins Eastman, and San Francisco Chronicle

Judgement comity

The jury will not be announced, and there will be a panel of several judges, from the Challenge Partners, as well as a select group of external experts.


Registration for the challenge is free, and a limited-time promotional version of Mental Canvas Draw is available for free on the iOS App Store and Microsoft Store.

To learn more about the challenge visit

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