ReUse Italy – Reuse the Thermae — Curinga

ReUse Italy إعادة استخدام إيطاليا

There are many abandoned historical structures dotting the Italian landscape. ReUse Italy

The long-term objective of ReUse Italy is to draw attention to this problem by sponsoring cultural initiatives that can demonstrate how it is still possible to breathe new life into those ruins and start the reuse process.

Together with local residents, renowned international architects, national organizations, and institutions, we work to raise awareness of the value of architecture projects.


  • SO-IL
  • MIR
  • Set Architects
  • Archstudio
  • DNA_Design And Architecture
  • Emanuele Fidone
  • Fala Atelier
  • Koozarch
  • Ultima Reportagens
  • Enorme Studio

Famous international architects, designers, educators, photographers, architecture critics, and visualizers serve as the judges for our competitions. All of the judges made the decision to support our cause of encouraging the recycling of lost cultural assets.

The Thermal Baths of Curinga are the remains of an ancient complex that once stood along the coastline of the beautiful area of Calabria in southern Italy. This archaeological site, which was constructed during the Imperial Era, serves as evidence of the sophisticated engineering, richness, and socio-cultural importance of the ancient bathing complexes, providing us with a window into the intriguing world of the ancient Romans.

We invite the participants to help the Municipality of Curinga conserve and museumize the Thermae by merely designing a roof, a fence, or a volume around it in order to reopen this archaeological monument to visitors.

Is it feasible to breathe life back into these ancient Roman hot baths? The architects, engineers, and students who will take part in this competition will have the last say on the solution to this problem.


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