Stirling Prize 2023 shortlist announced

الإعلان عن القائمة المختصرة لجائزة ستيرلينغ 2023

Stirling Prize 2023 shortlist announced,

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced six projects shortlisted for the 2023 RIBA Stirling Prize,

It is recognized as the best new building in the United Kingdom.

The shortlist includes a home for artists by Apparata Architects,

Central Amenities and Housing for Somers by Apparata Architects,

and Lavender Hill Courtyard Housing from Sergison Bates Architects, and Courtauld Connects from Witherford Watson Mann Architects – Courtauld Institute of Art,

and Mæ ‘s John. The Morden Center and Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios at the University of Warwick – Faculty of Arts.

Celebrating its 27th year, the RIBA Stirling Prize is recognized as the highest accolade in architecture.

RIBA President Muyiwa Aoki said: “The 2023 Stirling Prize shortlist demonstrates why architecture is so important to us all.

“These six remarkable buildings offer thoughtful and innovative responses to the complex challenges we face today.”

“Whether tackling loneliness, building communities, or preserving our heritage,

these projects posit bold examples of architecture with purpose.”

Aoki added: “Against the backdrop of housing shortages, growing inequality and economic uncertainties,

“This year’s shortlist demonstrates that well-designed buildings can offer truly inspiring solutions to our most pressing problems.”

The RIBA will announce the winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize 2023 through a live Stirling Prize ceremony in Manchester on 19 October 2023.

This is the first time that Apparate, Sergison Bates Architects and Adam Khan Architects have been shortlisted for the Stirling Prize.

May was also shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2002 for the Sands End Arts and Community Center in Fulham, London,

and Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios in 2014 for Manchester School of Art.

RIBA shortlisted projects


Stirling Prize 2023 shortlist announced
Home for artists

Home for artists by Apparata Architects

The project has been described as a “model for affordable city living”.

“A residential complex in Barking, London, offers an ambitious model of co-living,

where resident artists provide free creative programming to the local community, via a street-facing exhibition space.

Grayson Perry’s permanent installation in the complex’s central courtyard pays tribute to the homes of wartime heroes and workers.


Stirling Prize 2023 shortlist announced
Community facilities and housing in Somers town centre


Community facilities and housing in Somers town centre, Camden designed by Adam Khan Architects

RIBA praised the project for “building community and tackling inequality”.

“Playfully designed spaces, arranged around a small garden in Camden, London.

To contribute to a wider regeneration plan,

the project provides local residents with social housing, an after-school club and a very generous adventure playground.

It includes the headquarters of a charitable society for theatrical education.


Stirling Prize 2023 shortlist announced


Lavender Hill Courtyard Housing, Clapham by Sergison Betts Architects

The project has been praised for “maximizing difficult urban spaces” by the RIBA.

“New apartments have been brilliantly inserted into a previously undesirable and highly restricted urban location.

Behind the modest entrance,

A welcoming courtyard sits at the center of the plan and provides a shared space for residents.”


Courtauld Connects


Courtauld Connects – Courtauld Institute of Art designed by Weatherford Watson Mann Architects

The project has been praised as “the modernization of a historic building” by the RIBA.

“Meticulous conservations and bold interventions reshape a range of spaces within an 18th-century building,

It is home to a cultural institute and the “smallest university” in the UK. Microinterventions have significantly improved,

Including re-leveling the floors and new doors for the main showrooms, ease of access and facilitating the flow of visitors.”

John Morden Centre, Blackheath by Mæ

The project was praised for creating a building that helps “older people live without isolation” by the RIBA.

“In Blackheath, a 300-year-old residential and nursing facility has been given a new lease of life.

With treatment rooms, a hairdressing salon,

“A nail bar, event space and wellbeing facilities,

the center is designed to encourage connection and movement between residents, supporting healthier, longer lives.”


Faculty of Arts, University of Warwick


Faculty of Arts, University of Warwick – by Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios

The project has been praised for “creating links in higher education” by the RIBA.

“The surrounding gardens are woven into a building that unites the arts and humanities under one roof. A distinctive staircase grows,

Inspired by the structure of a tree,

across the central atrium where each branch leads to flexible spaces designed to inspire collaboration and intersectionality. “Pollinating the Arts.”

RIBA Stirling Award

First awarded in 1999, the RIBA Stirling Prize is the UK’s most prestigious architecture award. In 2022,

The new library at Magdalen College designed by Níall McLaughlin Architects has won a RIBA Stirling Award.


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