Use of organic spherical furniture technology in disforma collections

استخدام تقنية الأثاث الكروي العضوي في مجموعات ديسفورما

Use of organic spherical furniture technology in disforma collections,

The Desforma collection is unique in the world of design.

They don’t use modern, austere mid-century straight lines or no-nonsense powder-steel functionalism.

Desforma swoops, fluid lines and organic curves,

Couches composed of sine waves act as forces of nature and evoke swaying marine life.

and chairs that may have blossomed into existence.


Use of organic spherical furniture technology in disforma collections


The brand was founded in Lithuania in 1994 by Kestutis Spokas, who returned after spending time in the United States.

Where he worked with other designers and creatives and received what the art scene of the 1980s and 1990s had to offer.


Use of organic spherical furniture technology in disforma collections


Furniture is in constant motion

Spokas wanted to create furniture that could bring a unique energy to a space,

shapes that seemed to be almost in perpetual motion, “like looking into a fireplace,”

says Spokas’ daughter and Disforma’s creative director, Brigitta Marija Spokite Norvays.

The shapes were “dynamic, you can’t stop watching them”.

Spokas enlisted Lithuanian artisans and makers and spent seven years perfecting the technology

and processes to make his vision a practical and commercial reality.



sculptural power

Finally, Spokas and his craftsmen perfected what Desforma calls “spherical construction technology” and the invention was patented.

While Spokas found a way to create furniture with a kind of sculptural strength and uniquely complex interior architecture.

The Desforma collection now consists of 13 pieces, but the distinctive design of Desforma may be the Amphora set.

Launched in 2003, it was the first to feature the brand’s spherical structure,

adapting the grace and elegance of the historic piece to create this collection.



Meticulously handcrafted

Desforma has both private and contract clients, but the brand’s appeal is for anyone looking for furniture

that can define a space, which becomes a stunning centerpiece.

A piece like the Amphora corner sofa reveals something new from every angle,

so the brand’s designs are particularly effective in large spaces.

They can be given the space they deserve and create their own kind of soft, undulating landscape.

Desforma imagines its design not just as furniture but collectible objects

and sculptural forms that are carefully curated and displayed.



Still, all Desforma designs are meticulously handcrafted in Lithuania. The frames are hand carved, not “CNC or 3D printed”.

She describes their internal structures as “a piece of jewelry made up of a thousand parts.

Despite the dynamic design, the range has a backrest shaped to follow the curve of the human back.

If Desforma’s designs make a strong aesthetic statement, they are also human-shaped, creating a social space.


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