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The Salone Internazionale del Mobile, which began in Milan in 1961 as a vehicle for promoting Italian exports of furniture and accessories, has become the global benchmark event for the furnishing and design industries.

These events, which are held under the umbrella of this Milan Furniture Fair, occupy a net area of about 210,000 square meters at the Rho Fiera Milano fairgrounds each year, presenting over 2,300 of the most innovative and creative enterprises on the global market.

The iSaloni attracts over 370,000 professional visitors each year, with just under 70% of them coming from other countries, as well as over 5,000 national and international journalists and around 27,500 members of the public over the weekend, making it the unmissable sector-wide appointment. Not to mention the accompanying activities, which are typically produced by top worldwide artists and designers, because the Salone is not only about commerce but also about culture. This is the Salone, presently in its 60th edition: an international platform with the “privilege of actuality” that illuminates the condition of the design. For years, every year.

salone del mobile

Salone del Mobile Milano is coming up next. It sounds like the title of a movie. We could even make a joke about it if it weren’t for the plethora of unknowns that seem to be cropping up all over the place right now. Is it truly going to happen? When? How? Who is going to be there? How many of us will there be? It’s difficult to get reliable information these days, what with all the rumors and fake news. Let’s put an end to this. A complete halt. The dates are June 7th to 12th.

The recipe is simple: it’s conventional, but it’s also fresh, refreshed, and unexpected in spots. And sure, as the iSaloni has taught us throughout the years, all of the stands reflect the soul of the brands. EuroCucina with Technology for the Kitchen and the International Bathroom Exhibition will also be held again this year. Workplace3.0 is a foregone conclusion. S.Project and SaloneSatellite will take on several identities. The businesses: 1,450 spots are completely sold out. Other countries will be present. Exhibitors from more than 30 countries have already signed up. Milan: the Salone event, which serves as a gift to and within the city. All of this has been confirmed by Maria Porro and is chronicled on our digital platform with regular updates and previews. Keep an eye out!

Salone Internazionale del Mobile



The iSaloni is a space for cross-pollination and experimentation, as well as fresh chances for reflection on the world of design and design.

A showroom that has always combined commerce and culture, influencing the history of design and decor in the past, present, and future. A global marketplace for truly exceptional products with a focus on innovation. Three styles are represented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile: Classic, which is based on the values of tradition, craftsmanship, and expertise in the art of creating classic furniture and things; The department devoted to timeless luxury re-read in a contemporary key, with design, objects that speak of functionality, innovation, and boast a wonderful sense of style and lux. A collection of items that combines quality and technology, shaped by the ingenuity of top sectoral enterprises that have invested year after year in creative products and home furnishing solutions to grow their businesses.

The Salone Del Mobile Milano’s enormous value as an international showcase for creativity and a forum for industry professionals, with over 370,000 attendees on average each year from 188 different countries, is confirmed by a large number of exhibitors and thousands of products being unveiled for the first time.

International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition


With a wide range of products – furnishing accessories, furniture, decorative pieces, fabrics – and styles, the show concludes the Salone Del Mobile Milano trade activities.

The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, which began in 1989 in response to rising demand for decorative goods, has grown to become the industry’s leading event, showcasing an increasingly diverse and comprehensive selection of excellent pieces year after year, encompassing the entire home furnishing system, ranging from decorative objects to furnishing accessories and home textiles.

The nearly 370,000 people who travel to the show each year will find it packed with everything that helps to lend character and individuality to the residential spaces, thanks to more than 200 exhibitors.

The buzzwords for this event are innovative design, elegance, and trends. Accessories that can be used on their own, but when combined, help to redesign a room. Exclusive pieces in a variety of styles, from modern to classic, make houses even more inviting and ensure that they reflect the personality of the people who live there.



Workplace3.0 is envisioned as an indispensable think tank for learning about and comprehending forthcoming workplace transformations. It’s more than a show; it’s a springboard for generating forward-thinking ideas that can adapt to a changing market and changing demands.

With the introduction of Workplace3.0, an innovative exhibition area devoted to design and technology in workspace planning, the Salone dedicated to the workplace has confirmed its new vocation as an exploration of brand-new approaches, forms, and solutions to the workplace “of the future,” in which the human factor and smart technologies play a vital role.

The world of work, like the concept of work, is continually changing: new approaches necessitate new workspaces. Workplace3.0, a design and technology conference, is the best-equipped event to address this transformation and market demand. It features the greatest items for procurement plans, reception areas, and office spaces from the leading firms working on solutions that align with new ways of working and design requirements for “inhabiting” the workspace.

The new exhibition format debuted with the 2019 edition of Workplace3.0. The 53 exhibiting businesses created a liquid and hybrid presence throughout the fairgrounds, further emphasizing their objective to encourage creative experimentation. This new exhibition style reflects the workplace’s social change into a flexible, permeable, and dynamic space conducive to professional contact and involvement with other day-to-day activities.

S. Project


The way we think about and manage interior space is always changing. As is the manner in which it is told. At the Salone del Mobile MilanoS. Project, new fluid and crosscutting exhibition format were unveiled.

S.Project, a crosscutting area dedicated to design items, as well as decorative and technical interior design solutions, debuted. S.Project selected, collected, and valorized manufacturers’ proposals in complete synergy with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Euroluce, Workplace3.0, and SaloneSatellite, providing a 360-degree perspective on interior architecture and responding to the latest market demands.

The multisectoral focus of S.Project distinguishes it as a multidimensional area with a diverse assortment of goods, with products spanning from interior to outdoor furnishing, from wellness products to fabrics, from lighting to acoustic solutions, from coverings to finishes.

S.Project aspires to be a new business-to-business platform that fosters collaboration between retailers, designers, and businesses, offering a welcoming environment and the best networking opportunities. It’s the perfect setting for demonstrating industrial excellence, fresh concepts, and innovative solutions to industry professionals as well as national and worldwide buyers.

EuroCucina FTK - Technology For the Kitchen


The biennial International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition, together with its companion event FTK (Technology For the Kitchen), has been the premier showcase for high-end kitchens since 1974.

The 22nd edition of EuroCucina, as well as FTK – Technology For the Kitchen, a companion event focusing on built-in household appliances and their evolution, delivered a targeted and innovative response to the growing interest in the sector.

Efficiency and evocation were the driving principles behind the exhibitions, which were displayed by 117 organizations within a 22,000-square-meter exhibition space. Kitchens have evolved from strictly functional areas to become domestic hubs, gathering places for friends and family. This resurgence of the domestic hearth creates an integrated, versatile, and professional place that never fails to elicit strong emotions.

Visitors were greeted with a wide selection of high-quality items. At EuroCucina, all of the exhibits embodied modern design, technical innovation, next-generation performance, energy efficiency, and ease of use. New shapes, colors, and materials served to distinguish the kitchen as a gathering spot for friends and family.

FTK – Technology For the Kitchen – gave an overview of the state of the art technology of built-in domestic appliances, with models, prototypes, and concepts designed by firms that place a high value on research, as usual, with 48 exhibitors over an exhibition area of 22,192 m2.

salone del mobile


The International Bathroom Exhibition, the most recent of the sectoral events held under the umbrella of the Salone del Mobile Milano, is gearing up for the 2022 edition. The trailblazers of the wellness world are finally preparing to meet in person again, four years after the last live edition, with 172 exhibitors (15% from other countries), ranging over more than 17,000 m2 of exhibition space.

“Exhibitors are finally returning to an in-person event for the 2022 Salone, where they’ll be able to welcome visitors and showcase their latest offerings. The event will spotlight product design and distribution, at last bringing together all the various players under the same roof. This has not happened since 2018. The 2020 show was canceled due to the pandemic but in 2021 Supersalone allowed us to meet again and show our products live. For obvious reasons, it could not have the strength that a traditional Salone has. But having organized it and being there was still important. Now with the 2022 edition, we hope to truly return to normal” commented Elia Vismara, President of Assobagno.

The companies, too, are all raring for a chance to get together again and experience in person how bathrooms have evolved over the last few years, with the focus firmly on sustainability.



The international design festival for those under the age of 35. The goal of SaloneSatellite is to strengthen the links between research, design, and industry. It seeks to facilitate the contact between businesses and young designers preparing to enter the profession and the market post-study. It is open to designers under the age of 35.

SaloneSatellite also features work from design-focused universities and schools. This involvement is geared toward staying current with how the educational system is changing around design, what priorities are indicated to students and research processes, and how students’ intellectual and practical abilities are stimulated, resulting in their understanding of the problems and consequences of certain production methods. The SaloneSatellite Award, which began in 2010, is another way to bring young designers and entrepreneurs together.


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