AO Architects: second-tallest skyscraper in US for Oklahoma City

As part of a development in Oklahoma City, California studio AO Architects has submitted plans for a supertall skyscraper that, if finished, will be the second-tallest skyscraper in the United States.

The skyscraper will be a component of Oklahoma City’s downtown Boardwalk at Bricktown development. Three 345-foot (105-meter) towers and one bigger tower with a maximum height of 1,750 feet (533 meters) are included in the plans.

As things stand, the supertall tower on the three-acre site is still awaiting permission, while the concept for the lesser buildings has already received approval. If constructed, it would be just 26 feet shorter than the US’s tallest structure, One World Trade Center in New York, which was designed by SOM.

Given its height, it comfortably fits inside the supertall category, which is reserved for skyscrapers that are between 900 and 2,000 feet (300 and 600 meters) tall.

The height, according to AO Architects, was a reaction to the city’s expanding populace. Now standing at 844 feet (257 meters) in height, Devon Tower is the highest structure in Oklahoma City.

“The tower’s height evolved to align with the visionary goals set by both the developer and the city,” the company told Dezeen.

“As Oklahoma City experiences a surge in market growth, characterized by increasing demand, population, and the development of employment hubs, the design for The Boardwalk at Bricktown has progressed in response to the dynamic expansion and advancement within this thriving urban landscape.”

The project, which was created for the developers of Thinkbox and Matteson Capital, will house retail and entertainment venues, while the towers will house hotels and apartments.

The supertall skyscraper is positioned in the rear of the complex, with three lesser towers flanking a central corridor that is decorated with retail spaces, a mezzanine, water features, and light displays.

The extremely tall skyscraper will have a uniform shape, be comparatively flat, and taper up gradually towards the top of the building. second-tallest skyscraper

The towers and the skyscraper will be covered in glass, with light strips placed at strategic angles to illuminate them.

Thornton Tomasetti has been hired to handle the project’s structural engineering.

This will be AO Architecture’s first venture into supertall towers; the firm is situated outside of Los Angeles.


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