The Sensory Museum Design Competition 2024, organized by Archiol Competitions, invites global architects, designers, and creative thinkers to envision a museum that transcends traditional design and becomes a transformative sensory experience. This competition aims to push the boundaries of architectural design, focusing on how spaces can impact human psychology through sensory engagement.

Competition Overview

The competition challenges participants to design a museum that functions as an experiential journey that evokes emotions and promotes a deeper understanding of the relationship between architecture and the human psyche, rather than just a repository of artifacts in an era of rapid technological advancement and urbanization. Applicants are urged to create a museum that actively stimulates the senses, encourages reflection, and helps guests establish a connection with their environment and inner selves.


The main objective is to provide creative ideas that turn the museum into a dynamic space that stimulates the senses and invites reflection. The goal of the museum should be to enthrall and transform its audience while fostering a strong emotional connection between them and the surroundings. With a focus on sensory architecture’s capacity to significantly impact human experiences, the competition aims to reinterpret the relationship between architecture, human perception, and personal development.

Design Flexibility

The competition promotes design adaptability, enabling the museum to change with the seasons, with exhibits, and with visitor preferences. It is important for participants to try out creative and flexible architectural solutions so that the museum can change as time goes on. The architectural features, exhibition structures, and space arrangements should all be designed with flexibility in mind to allow for easy modifications as necessary.


The competition’s guiding concept is sustainability, and contestants are asked to include sustainable design techniques and materials in their ideas. Energy efficiency, resource conservation, trash reduction, and the promotion of a healthy interior environment should all be taken into account. In addition to improving the sensory experience by bringing guests closer to nature and raising their understanding of ecological issues, sustainable design should demonstrate a dedication to environmental stewardship.


  • Top 3 Winners: Inclusion in Publication, Interview, Certificate, and Scorecard
  • Honorable Mentions: Publication + Certificate
  • Entries that were shortlisted: Certificate

The Sensory Museum Design Competition 2024 invites competitors to reinvent the notion of a museum and its influence on human psychology through sensory architecture, offering a platform for investigating and celebrating architectural innovation.

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