Silk Road Development and Sustainable Networks (SRDSN)

Monday, Oct 25, 2021 8 AM — Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021 6 PM IDT

Online Event | Click here to attend and/or register

In this conference, questions of overcoming our unsustainable lifestyles, social inequalities and conflict, and environmental harm are going to be raised in regard to the UN’s 2015 SDGs and in line with the 2030 SDGs. The promise of international trade, prosperity and sustainable management posed by the BRI, for one, represents an opportunity at helping countries make a transition to wash energy and low-carbon pathways. However, it’s become imperative that governments, businesses and policy makers collaborate in making Silk Roads and networks a rigorous contribution to Sustainable Development.

Organized together with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, the primary edition of the Silk Road Development and Sustainable Networks conference are going to be held from 25 – 27 October, 2021. In-line with the outcomes of Silk Road Action Plans and efforts exerted by the ecu Interdisciplinary Silk Road Tourism Centre within the Thessaloniki, WTO world organisation , the Silk-Road Universities Network, the rear Sea Silk Road Corridor and more, the conference will mention a number of today’s most pressing issues and discuss current research and advancements within the field, taking under consideration Silk Road development for the post-COVID era. Topics include, but aren’t limited to, discussions on Silk Road Infrastructures, Cultural Exchange, Transport Networks, Environment and Ecosystem, Trade and Investment, Tourism, Health and Resilience etc.


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