Incorporate simple TV decor into interior design

دمج ديكور تليفزيون بسيط في التصميم الداخلي
There are many stylish options for incorporating a TV into your home decor, because of course you want to have maximum comfort and convenience.
Maximize your viewing enjoyment without sacrificing the appearance of your space,
Whether your style is modern and simple or rustic and cozy, you can create a custom setting that’s perfect for you.

Use your TV as wall art

Framing your TV and mounting it on the wall turns it into a design element, adding an elegant touch to your living room.
But choose a frame size that matches your TV for the best visual effect.
A bezel that is too large will shrink a small TV, while a bezel that is too small will not enhance the overall appearance.
For the smoothest look, select one with a bezel or border that closely matches your TV’s screen size.
Then think about where you spend most of your time watching TV and plan your furniture.

Incorporate simple TV decor into interior design


Mounting above a fireplace or mantelpiece is a classic spot, but make sure it’s at a comfortable height for display.
Hanging a framed TV on a large, empty wall behind your sofa creates an elegant focal point in the room.
For a custom built-in look without renovating, frame your TV and mount it in a shelving unit or cabinet.

Integrate the TV into the bookshelves

Integrating your TV into your bookshelves is a stylish way to blend technology with decor.
But you should choose a TV console, bookshelves or wall unit in the same warm wood color as your other furniture for a cohesive look.
Walnut, teak and oak fit well with most interior styles.

Incorporate simple TV decor into interior design


Matching the wood also helps the TV look like just another part of the decor and not just an afterthought.
Do not place your TV and its components in too small a space.
Try to leave at least 6 to 8 inches on each side of the TV.
And plenty of room underneath for things like cable boxes, gaming systems, streaming devices, and a center channel speaker.
Having everything neatly organized and within reach enhances your viewing experience.
Incorporate simple TV decor into interior design


Hide cables for a clean finish

Run cables through the wall or use cord covers to hide them from view,
and label each cable to make tying everything back up simple if you move components.
And for a completely clean look, choose a TV console or wall unit with built-in cable management and ventilation for your devices.


Include adjustable task lighting, reading lamps, or recessed lighting on either side of the TV for glare-free viewing and to illuminate nearby bookshelves.

Space for decoration

Surround your TV console or wall unit with bookshelves, but don’t fill them completely.
Leave room for decorative items such as artwork, plants, candles or collectibles so the area does not look crowded.
And your TV can share the spotlight. With the right approach, technology and decor can coexist in perfect harmony.

Incorporate simple TV decor into interior design


Hide your TV in mirrors and cabinets

Hide your TV away in a stylish TV cabinet or behind a mirror for a clutter-free look.
Entertainment centers and cabinets are perfect for hiding your TV, just find the size of cabinet that fits your TV and any components such as a cable box or Blu-ray player.
Cabinets with doors allow you to hide everything away when not in use.
For easy access, choose a cabinet with doors that slide open and close.

Simple but Significant Detailing with Acoustical Trim



A mirrored TV cabinet or console is a smart way to hide your TV.
The mirrored front reflects the surrounding room for a seamless look,
so when you’re ready to watch TV, the cabinet doors open to reveal the screen.
You can find mirrored cabinets in a range of styles from rustic to ultra-modern to suit any decor.

Ostankino TV Tower project


For narrow spaces, a TV mirror is ideal. These mirrors rotate or slide to reveal the TV screen hidden behind it.
When the TV is turned off, the mirror reflects the room to give you a spacious and open feeling.
TV mirrors can also make a small room appear more open because the mirror creates the illusion of depth.

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