Choose the type of construction stages

Choose the type of construction stages :

Choose the type of construction stages:

The right home is a structure or building designed for a comfortable and safe life.

Creating a home with your own hands not only puts your soul in every section of the wall

but also personally controls the important moments of construction.

In creating a suitable house, all stages of construction in order are important,

from choosing a place for development, ending with building materials.


Start with geodetic analysis. In the initial stage:

It is necessary to study the properties of the soil and the presence of underwater currents.

If the formation of the soil leaves much to be desired, then a simple foundation can not do.

  • It is necessary to hammer piles, install reinforcement beams, or choose another suitable location.
  • Decide on the object’s site and go to create the project.
  • Structural features should be based on natural inscriptions.
  • Provide documents and request a specialist visit to the site.
  • Share your plans with the architect as detailed as possible, discuss the details and features of home design.


When the project is ready:

The project is ready with a cost estimate and technology plan:

  • Start looking for a contractor or group your team of relatives and friends.
  • If the front of the work is planned, then proceed to the purchase of building materials.
  • Do not try to save on the purchase. Give preference to premium materials and recommended brands that regularly monitor the quality of their products.
  • Perform the construction phase according to the technological plan, follow the instructions and do not miss a single moment.
  • Carefully control the proportions of the mounting mixture, strengthening the corners and joints, installing transverse reinforcement to connect the walls.


From outside :

  • Do warming from outside, so you can save space.
  • Eliminate toxic fumes (up to a minimum percentage) and the possibility of fire. Insulators have a small percentage of toxicity or are subject to fire, so the external insulation is ideal.


Safety systems:

  • Think about the safety system against natural elements:

Set the alarm when plumbing, and consider the moment

when the power is off if the well is the water source.

Connecting the central water supply, installing a high-quality filter and plumbing system.


  • Your area fenced with a high fence and self-lighting spend with motion sensors:

If in doubt, install security cameras that respond to activity and movement in the area.

Your home can be considered right if you prepare a technology plan

and follow up on the project, you need to fully arm the building.

It should be noted that the land of building a private house should be as suitable as possible for construction.

Before starting construction work, it is necessary to study all its regional

and technical characteristics and see if their cost is acceptable.


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There are special rules for building a private house, which should be fully respected by the developer:

Firstly :

The distance between the future home and the road should be at least 5 meters.

To comply with fire safety, the distance between two residential buildings must be in the range of 6 to 15 meters –

it all depends on the fire resistance factor of homes.

Secondly :

There are special restrictions related to the total area of ​​the building and its height in a private house.

For example, the total area of ​​the bedroom should be at least 8 m 2,

and for the living room this indicator is more than 12 m 2, for the kitchen – more than 6 m 2, and the bathroom – at least 1.8 m 2.

These standards are set according to health standards.


There are also limits related to the size of elevators and walkways:

The stairs between the two floors should be greater than 0.9 meters,

and the minimum passage size is equal to the same parameter.

The minimum floor height is 2.5 meters, and in the attic case it is 2.3 meters.

If the basement of the house is planned to be built, then it should be at least 2 meters high.

Knowing all the rules and regulations for building a private house,

you can avoid many problems and mistakes.


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