The architecture company A Threshold created the Tiptur, India home In-between Gardens, which features a plan that is animated by a sequence of staggered, multi-level courtyards. These courtyards, which are close to the major living areas, serve as semi-public gathering places and give the house a social feel that is modeled after the nearby old town, where gathering places are essential to urban life.

Wider steps and platforms for socializing are among the many multilevel informal meeting areas thoughtfully built by A Threshold. The communal spirit of traditional villages, where gathering beneath Banyan trees is frequent, is mirrored in this artwork, which symbolizes the familial custom of huge gatherings.

Adapting to Rapid Growth

While Tiptur grows quickly and unpredictably, In-between Gardens offers a haven with a cozy interior. A stepped courtyard garden serves as the focal point of the open-concept kitchen and dining room, creating a visual connection to the first-floor courtyards. The kitchen garden opens out into a living area, master bedroom, family bathroom, and laundry room. The first floor family room connects to two ensuite bedrooms through courtyards.

Traditional and Modern Materials

A locally obtained black granite wall defines the exterior of the house and offers cooling and security by keeping the inside cold from the sun. White-washed walls above this allude to the regional indigenous architecture. Warm tones are created inside by utilizing reclaimed teak from the client’s former home and earthy elements like marble and wood. Against these natural finishes, a bright yellow metal staircase adds a colorful character to the house and allows maintenance access to a roof terrace.

Architectural Heritage and Modern Comfort

In-between Gardens is a residence that combines contemporary design with social living, designed to unveil itself gradually. This preserves the cultural practice of meeting spaces while acting as a haven amidst Tiptur’s urban expansion.

Photos: Atik Bheda

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