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Youth hostel and orphanage

بيت شباب وسكن آيتام 

Youth hostel and orphanage Provide students with a living environment rich in social spaces Atam is an apartment complex that includes a youth hostel and a home for the owner’s family. Located in Kota, Rajasthan, the project has a hot and dry climate and took six years to complete. The city of Kota in North […]

He does not blend into the city and does not resist the city

لا يندمج في المدينة ولا يقاوم المدينة

He does not blend into the city and does not resist the city The project is located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, the site is a newly developed plot of land after the re-planning of the local station, right in front of the station. Although the location is located in a busy commercial area, the owners […]

Extra Thought Tank Design Office

 مكتب تصميم خزان الفكر الإضافي

Extra Thought Tank Design Office nature manufactured nature “Artificial nature is the product of man’s active transformation of natural nature through practical activities with the help of technical means. Man-made nature is connected with natural nature. Natural nature is the nature of no one or nature before the appearance of human beings. It is because […]

Selected Social Housing Projects

مشاريع الإسكان الاجتماعي المختارة

Selected Social Housing Projects Last year, the Beijing Baiwan Yanbao Homestead designed by the team led by architect Ma Yansong sparked extensive discussion, reflecting the great interest in people’s livelihood issues in today’s society. In fact, Beijing Baiwan Yanbao Homestead was completed and started to be used two years ago. The public rental system was […]

camp reception center

مركز استقبال معسكر 

camp reception center Location Background: Someplace within the Tengger Desert Camp Reception Heart The challenge is positioned within the scenic space of ​​Shapotou in Zhongwei Metropolis, Ningxia, in a sandy sea about 2 km from the desert reserve. Lately, Zhongwei desert tourism has been on the rise, and Xinghe Desert Camp is a newly developed […]