Now more than ever, we must use our unique training as designers to confront the pressing challenges of climate change and justice. The Green New Deal Superstudio is an opportunity to explore these principles from a designer’s perspective and support this opportunity for change.

Our goal is to facilitate a meaningful design response to the climate crisis, discuss what the Green New Deal could appear as if on the bottom in regions throughout the us , and develop a pipeline of concepts that would be ready for further development, funding, and implementation within the future.

Design studios altogether academic programs are invited to undertake this project within the 2020-2021 school year . Recent graduates and professionals in architecture and related fields also can participate by forming teams or collaborating with universities.

The Green New Deal Superstudio may be a historic, national event hospitable all design schools, professional practices, individuals, and other design and planning related organizations across the us .


The Superstudio is hospitable graduate and undergraduate programs of architecture , architecture, planning, and related fields also as professional practices and individuals in these fields. Participants can also build teams and/or collaborate with other professions or academic programs and disciplines, community organizations, local firms, and other stakeholders.


The Superstudio will run from Lammas , 2020 through June 30, 2021. Universities may participate within the Superstudio within the fall semester of 2020 and/or the spring semester of 2021. Other groups and individuals may participate on their own timeline as long as work is submitted by the June 30 deadline. Green New Deal studios that happened before this call are encouraged to submit prior work.

All studios that wish to participate must register so as to hitch the network of other participating studios and receive access to Superstudio resources, events, and opportunities. Final materials from the studios must be submitted by June 30, 2021.

Key phases of the Superstudio

  • July 2020 – Superstudio launched
  • August 2020 – Online information session and kick-off
  • September 2020 – Fall Superstudio starts
  • January 2021 – Spring Superstudio starts
  • June 30, 2021 – Deadline for submission of studio materials
  • July-August 2021 – Submission reviewed and curated for the Summit
  • September 2021 – LAF Summit


Groups that wish to participate in the Superstudio can register by completing the Registration Form. This form should be completed as soon as a group has decided to undertake the studio, even if the studio will not take place until spring. Registration helps the organizers gauge interest and plan accordingly to support the Superstudio.

For each studio, one registrant must be selected to serve as the official Superstudio contact charged with submitting final studio materials on behalf of their entire group. For university courses, this should be an instructor who will be responsible for gathering, formatting, and submitting deliverables on behalf of the students in their course.

Students in courses registered by faculty are registered as participants as part of their instructor’s registration. Students only register directly through the Superstudio website if they are participating in a group or individually, separate from a university course.


There is no fee to register, but an optional submittal fee is due upon submission of the final Superstudio materials on or before June 30, 2021. This suggested flat fee of $50 per group covers all participants in a registered studio regardless of number. This voluntary fee is paid to the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) to help offset Superstudio administration costs.

Registrants who are facing financial hardship, particularly related to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting financial impacts to university programs, may fully participate and submit materials with no fee. Participants who are in a position to pay the fee will help make the Superstudio accessible for those who wish to participate but may not have the means to do so at this time.


Contact Superstudio Program Manager Megan Barnes at

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