The most amazing forms of architecture around the world

Architecture has always been a part of human life since he first realized that he would need shelter,

we are surrounded by amazing architecture.

Architecture has evolved by leaps and bounds, since then,

with some unusual examples to be found all over the world pushing the boundaries of design.

Architectural works can also be simply appreciated as works of art that provide the inspiration in your life to build a lasting legacy,

as the world contains many wonderful buildings from the past and many modern marvels being constructed today.

Below are some of the diverse and stunning examples of terrestrial architecture from different times as well as from parts of the world.


The most amazing forms of architecture around the world


Spiral house

An experimental conceptual design for a coastal villa integrated within a rocky landscape,

The Spiral House by ANTIREALITY is located in the USA.

Spiral House’s architectural program is arranged alongside an extended corridor-like space where each room serves as a corridor and primary household function.

The layout of the villa floor begins with the least private space, moves to the day functions,

and ends with the master bedroom, surmounted by a viewing balcony located on the tower.

The structure of the house is made of stainless steel and wooden modules that serve not only as a structural element but also as a façade element.


The most amazing forms of architecture around the world


Shwedagon Temple

Shwedagon Temple is a Buddhist temple in Yangon, Myanmar, in Southeast Asia.

Considered one of the oldest temples and stunning architecture in the world, this temple is an important Buddhist monument and has a long history shrouded in legends.

It is located on top of a hill and has a height of 99 meters and is covered with hundreds of golden panels, and the top of the stupa is studded with 4,531 diamonds.


The most amazing forms of architecture around the world


Hagia Sophia

Established in 1935 and still standing today, the Hagia Sophia was originally built as a cathedral for the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire in the sixth century,

and became a mosque in 1453 with the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople.

The dazzling beauty of the mosque, with its wonderful manipulation of space, light and color,

evokes worship for the believer.

Hagia Sophia is located on the first hill of Istanbul, exactly at the tip of the historical peninsula,

surrounded by the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn on three sides.


The most amazing forms of architecture around the world


Samuel Beckett Bridge

Beckett is a suspension bridge that joins Sir John Rogerson’s pier

on the south side of the River Liffey to Guild Street and North Wall Quay in the Dublin Docklands.

Designed by the architect, Santiago Calatrava, he is the designer of many bridges and innovative buildings.

He built it in the shape of a lyre, with 31 cable supports of varying lengths attached to a 157-foot (48 m) arched tower.

It rotates 90 degrees and extends for 404 feet (123 meters) with two pedestrian walkways.


The most amazing forms of architecture around the world


Hawa Mahal

Jaipur’s most memorable landmark, Hawa Mahal also known as the ‘Palace of the Breeze’,

is an unusual pink-painted beehive, delicately furnished with a honeycomb hive that rises five stunning stories.

It was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh to enable the ladies of the royal family to witness life and processions in the city.



Seattle Central Library

Seattle Central Library was designed by architect Rem Koolhaas.

The 11-story Seattle Central Library opened in May 2004 and is the flagship library in the Seattle Public Library system.

The contemporary glass and steel building, innovative in form and function,

is the third Central Library to occupy the city block between Fourth and Fifth Avenues in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA.


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