Tirana Vertical Village: OODA Designs Staggered Skyscraper

The design for the Hora Vertikale residential development in Tirana has been revealed by OODA, a Portuguese studio known for their architectural creations. The skyscraper is composed of 13 staggered cube volumes, showcasing a unique and modern design.

Set to commence construction in the spring of 2024, a tower standing at 140 metres tall will consist of residential units arranged above a green space equipped with facilities for public use.

OODA, situated in the city of Tirana in Albania, envisions the building to actively involve and connect with the neighboring community. They described it as a one-of-a-kind vertical community situated within a vast, verdant city.

According to the studio, the typical height of buildings in Tirana is seven stories, and the building they designed consists of 13 cubes in seven variations, each with dimensions of 22.5 metres by 22.5 metres.

Moreover, The Hora Vertikale skyscraper in Tirana is depicted in the image above. This architectural structure, designed by OODA, features stacked cubes and can be seen in the photograph taken by Dezeen.

The base of the building will be made up of three rows of three cubes, with a few cubes being separated and angled to create small spaces. Two cubes placed side by side will be stacked on top, followed by two individual cubes, resulting in a six-cube tall structure.

Certain cubes may feature gridded facades, complete with evenly spaced window openings. In contrast, other cubes will showcase blocks that jut out and curved components.

The image shows Hora Vertikale, a mixed-use skyscraper located in Tirana. This unique building is designed by OODA and features a stacked cube structure, as seen in this photo from Dezeen’s 2024 article.

The top cube will have angular balconies that are held up by columns that are placed around the edges.

According to OODA, every cube represents a distinct idea connected to art and is also influenced by the cultural style of the area.

Furthermore, According to OODA, the construction of the building will utilize materials sourced from Albania, in an effort to decrease its impact on the environment and boost the local economy.

According to the studio, the outcome is a structure that creates a lasting impression on both tourists and residents of the city.Staggered blocky skyscraper in Tirana created by OODA

The structure was intentionally created to make a strong impact on the surrounding scenery. It features a staggered block-like facade that stands out from every viewpoint.

According to OODA, when viewed from various angles throughout the city, the building displays unique elevations and perspectives from afar.

Upon closer inspection, the concept’s playful interaction unveils its hidden element. Also, the arrangements move away from the main pathway towards the park behind, establishing a seamless transition in size.

The newest notable skyscraper, Hora Vertikale, is planned to be constructed in Tirana, modeled after Chybik + Kristof’s unique design of a cascading tower constructed from red concrete.

Furthermore, The architectural firm MVRDV has announced their proposal for a high-rise building in the urban area, inspired by the likeness of the renowned Albanian hero Gjergj Kastrioti.

OODA, established in 2010, is headed by Diogo Brito, Francisco Lencastre, Joao Jesus, Juliao Pinto Leite, and Rodrigo Vilas-Boas. They have offices located in Porto and Lisbon.


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