TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2023

Architecture Competition: TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2023

The TRANSFER Architecture Video Award was established in 2019 as a stand-alone recognition program to honor the world’s most innovative and creative short films that deal with architecture, urban design, or landscape.

Video is becoming more and more important when analyzing architecture and how human activity affects the environment. The digital networks that facilitate contemporary communication methods are intimately related to this.

The TRANSFER Architecture Video Award’s main objective is to honor exceptional contributions that demonstrate cutting-edge methods for comprehending and analyzing architecture via video. This covers the use of video as a medium for creative expression as well as a critical tool.

Nearly 400 short films were submitted for the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award in 2019 and 2021, coming from applications in more than 50 countries. In association with the CCA, arc en reve presented the Atmospheric, Filming Architecture show, which included a carefully chosen selection of films from the first two iterations.


The primary requirements include the contribution of the short film in exploring creative methods of analyzing and encountering architecture, city or landscape, the significance of the subject and its societal influence, and exceptional production quality.

Short films should not exceed 5 minutes in length and must have been created in the last three years (2021-2023).

Eligible Individuals

This prize has a worldwide reach and is available to filmmakers, architects, artists, and photographers. Also, any person or group whose video creations are connected to architecture, urban areas, or landscapes.


The recipient of the Award and the runners-up will be granted a TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2023 certificate. Their work will be showcased on the TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform and showcased at a public event in Switzerland in February 2024.


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