Introduction to WASA World Architecture Student Award

One of the biggest and most prominent architectural student contests in the world, the WASA World architectural Student Award draws contestants from Europe, Asia, North America, and Japan. Students studying architecture are invited to submit their graduation projects, competition entries, and previous design assignments to gauge their varied skill sets.

Objective and Benefits

The purpose of the award is to provide students a chance to demonstrate their architectural abilities on a global scale. Evaluations and comments that are objective can provide participants with important new perspectives on their abilities. Winning pieces are published worldwide in a variety of languages, giving students the chance to become well-known worldwide and draw attention to their creative concepts.

Submission Requirements

Design proposals for projects involving architecture, urban planning, interior design, and landscape design are welcome from participants. These can include master’s designs completed at architectural educational institutions such universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, and graduate schools, as well as competition entries and graduation designs.

PDF data in the form of a presentation sheet assessing the content and presentation of the proposal must be included with submissions. Size, shape, and font size are all unrestricted. Expressions that are straightforward and creative are welcomed. Submissions in JPG, MP4, DWG, DXF, 3DS, SKP, 3DM, and other formats are optional. Video, sketch, model, and other format submissions will all be judged.

Awards and Prize Money

The World Championship Gold Medal, which carries a $1000 prize, the World Championship Silver Medal, which carries a $500 prize, the World Championship Bronze Medal, which carries a $200 prize, and fourteen more medals round out the honors. The winnings, which are in US dollars, will be distributed to each nation in accordance with the exchange rate in effect on December 1, 2023. Participants will have to finish the required steps and turn in paperwork, including a passport. Remittance limits and award certificate mailing restrictions may apply to certain nations and areas.


An exceptional chance for architecture students to receive recognition for their creative concepts and worldwide visibility is provided by the WASA World Architecture Student Award. Send in your completed and ongoing design projects to attract attention from across the world.

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